I live in Whitley Bay.. a mile from the island and Lighthouse.
Holt island is 60 miles away... everything is nearby. I use my samsung k series camera phone with a 10x zoom and a panasonic lumix fz200

Lucky you! Really really nice!

Thanks... but photos dont tell you how bloody cold it can be have upvoted you

btw where do you live?

Würzburg/ Germany - within one hour south of Frankfurt. (ergo: close by 😜)

Thats not far away... my son went for an interview there for the Euro bank... before the brexit vote...he is staying in London

Thank you, you are a star...I have upvoted you

oopps meant Holy Island, everything is within 90 mins driving distance... the lighthouse and island maybe 5 mins

That's very close by! G'night for now! that is close is close?

btw ..where is close by?