I have a new toy…

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Last week my Philips monitor turned black. And when I say black, I mean BLACK. I tried to work with it, but even for B&W editing you need at least some white 😉
So… I had to invest in a new one and after an intensive Google investigation and many many many visits to different stores… I decided to do something crazy… I bought a 27inch 4K monitor from LG…

And I must say, aside from a stiff neck, it’s just GREAT! Lightroom on a 27inch with a resolution of 3840x2160 is a complete new world opening…
Ok, some of you, pro-photographers with lots of steem 😉, already knew that… but I was only used to work with a simple HD-monitor.

Anyway, if you have the opportunity to buy one… just do it, you won’t regret it.

PS: I shot this with my phone... you should see it in real.
PS2: Yes, that's my desk... at night...
PS3: Yes, that's javascript for dummies... bot's doesn't appear overnight 😉

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Right you are 😉
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That is fantastic! Great idea, and it looks so very good! 😃

Look who's here! Long time no see... How are things going?

I am doing fine, and hope you are, too! 😊


Think I saw your brother yesterday... or was it your sister ;-)


Congrats! Getting new gear sometimes can inspire creativity. Especially when we weekend so much time looking at screens.

not sure in this case... now I can see my older work more clearly and... I will have to re-edit a couple of thousands pictures ;-)

It's all good. Editing is sometimes mood based and we evolve as time goes on. That's another reason shooting in raw is important!

Congrats! i'll ask one of those for christmas,,,, but i guess i'll get carbon as usual! :) hahah

of course, santa is an old man, he doesn't understand what you're asking ;-)

😂 i'll send my proposal to the reindeer then 😉

Buenas tardes @pixelfan , ese es un exelente monitor y ahora va a tener mejor resolución en la pantalla y las imágenes se van a ver espectaculares. Le deseo que tenga una buena tarde . Saludos desde Venezuela

I surely hope so :-)
Greetings back from Belgium!

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Oh yeah I can totally imagine what it is like to edit on such a nice monitor.. but still only imagine 😉

how muich is that? 4K? taht would fit my ps4. lol

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