First Time Helios!

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Oggi sono riuscito a mettere mano sulla nuova lente e a provarla per qualche scatto su alcune piante. Le prove che ho fatto erano mirate ad evidenziare il suo difetto nell'ottica e quindi a far uscire il suo effetto bokeh, la lente è stata lasciata a f/2 con la macchina in priorità di tempi.

Today I managed to get my hands on the new lens and try it for some shots on some plants.
The tests I did were aimed at highlighting its flaw in the optics and then to bring out its bokeh effect, the lens was left to f/2 with the machine in priority times.

Ho provato prevalentemente scatti su natura per accentuare l'effetto swirl.

I tried mostly shots on nature to accentuate the swirl effect.

L'effetto non è male, ma non sono riuscito a replicare quello che cercavo, sicuramente in parte è dovuto al sensore m4/3 che ci priva di gran parte dell'immagine. Considerando che è il bokeh è più evidente più ci si allontana dal centro dell'immagine appare chiaro come la "limitazione" del sensore potrebbe essere la causa principale.

The effect is not bad, but I could not replicate what I was looking for, surely in part it is due to the sensor m4/3 that deprives us of much of the image. Considering that it is the bokeh is most noticeable the further you move away from the center of the image it appears clear how the "limitation" of the sensor could be the main cause.

Continuerò a testarla nei prossimi giorni, magari cercando location più appropriate.

I’ll keep testing it over the next few days, maybe looking for more appropriate locations.

All photos are taken by me

Immagine di mia proprietà, realizzata da un ringraziamento speciale al team di


Ohhh Master Helios! Which one did you get?
I think you will love it with time. It takes a bit of getting used to learning how it works. And I like the photos you took! Not many bubbly bokeh, but it has the nice soft effect.
Awesome :)

Many thanks @ewkaw!
I have 44M-4, I would like to have the same result that you had in your photo to a poppy, but I think it's really difficult without a full frame or a speedbooster Bubble bath
Spotlights - Poppies and Helios

do you have any advice to give me in particular?

I am no expert and I didn't shoot much with it yet too.

The Poppy was shot with my brother's lens. It is the master of bokeh and is more expensive too.

Try with different light, especially on the background. Dappled sunlight though the trees or grasses can work really well. I noticed that the distance between the object and the background is really important too.
Most of all have fun and experiment :) You will like it!

if you want some crazy results you can flip the front glass, it is easy and gives some crazy results. i had a video on dtube of that, maybe i should post it again on 3speak

it would be interesting to see the video, if you still have it or intend to reload it tag me in the post please!

I enjoyed #3 and #4 most. and also #6.
a nice lens you've got, congratulations!
take your time to see which plots and angles work best with it.


ps. maybe you'll find useful this little piece of advice: try to build the frame in that way, that it become "poster-like": one large spot in focus, many small details behind (for example, glare on the leaves, city lights etc). most likely the result will not be very successful if, for example, you photograph one leaf in the thick of the bush. in this case, the remaining branches will also turn into bokeh, but the result will not please you ...
good lighting also is very important here.. probably you will not get anything intresting in the dark or grey evening.

Hey @qwerrie thank so much for your tips!
I will try to put into practice what you have told me!

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