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RE: First Time Helios!

in #photography3 years ago (edited)

I enjoyed #3 and #4 most. and also #6.
a nice lens you've got, congratulations!
take your time to see which plots and angles work best with it.


ps. maybe you'll find useful this little piece of advice: try to build the frame in that way, that it become "poster-like": one large spot in focus, many small details behind (for example, glare on the leaves, city lights etc). most likely the result will not be very successful if, for example, you photograph one leaf in the thick of the bush. in this case, the remaining branches will also turn into bokeh, but the result will not please you ...
good lighting also is very important here.. probably you will not get anything intresting in the dark or grey evening.


Hey @qwerrie thank so much for your tips!
I will try to put into practice what you have told me!

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