Walker Bay, Hermanus, the bay of plenty.

in photography •  8 months ago 

Right next to us was a colony of Sea Cormorants that were disturbed by some tourists.

Yesterday's post was all about the mothers with their baby whales in Hermanus, but there was so much more to see.
The cormorants were disturbed and never before have I seen such a huge number of cormorants together.
Have a look!

They started taking off in droves on their way out of the bay!

And the cormorants flight path was right past us over the whales in the water. The rock below my signature is not a rock, but a barnacled encrusted mommy Southern Humpback whale!

Hermanus is certainly a place of wonderful scenery where the ocean and the mountains meet.

There's the mommy whale behind the birds!

And here is a baby whale blowing out steam at the birds!

Some lucky guy had a drone up here filming the whales and the birds!

Here's the drone on my zoom!

A quote; "Hermanus Pieters was a Dutch teacher who arrived in the Cape in 1815. He grazed his sheep and went fishing at a place and the locals started calling the place Hermanuspietersfontein. The place was officially named as such, but 65 years after Hermanus died, the postmaster shortened the name to Hermanus"

Taken from: Wikipedia.org

Hope you enjoyed the post and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity

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Oh it looks so gorgeous there @papilloncharity, stunning photos as always!


@lizelle Thank you Lady Lizelle and yes it is a great place. We are recent arrivals here and one of these days we will start taking drives out to many other interesting places. At the moment I am not ready yet, but soon I hope! Blessings!

beautiful place! nice to be there for a photosession!


@protosun You are right, as it is a great place to be and there are also many others across miles of beaches and mountains. Blessings!

What a wonderful day with the birds and whales in the bay. Brilliant photography as always and very interesting piece of history on how the area got the name @papilloncharity


@joanstewart Thank you Lady Joan! I hear there's a shipwreck museum in one of the bays that chronicles every ship that sunk in the seas of the Cape of Storms. Hermanus is just one of the many that we want to visit on our day trips. Some places are too far for a one day trip and hopefully we will get to them one day. Blessings!


Hope to visit the Cape again, will have to see how the economy goes.