A warm summer day in Africa!

in photography •  5 months ago

This is how we know that the day is in the high 30 degrees Celsius. A scorcher!

The African continent is famous for it's sunny days and it's the same here in South Africa. Global warming or whatever has pushed our temperatures up a few notches and a friend sent me a picture of the temperature reading inside his car being 50 degrees Celsius. This was up north towards the border area.
Let's have a look at how the wild rock pigeons handle the heat!

A peaceful nap in the pond spoilt by the boyfriend as usual!

Rudely splashing about shattering her dreams of a romantic holiday in the Bahama's!

You can see that she is not impressed with his rude awakening!

And then he politely walks off to find a spot for a tan in the sun.

Just some fun here with the pictures in an effort to lift everyone's spirits for the weekend. Not so long ago it was winter here and the birds had to face icy colds. Just so it is with us during the changes of the seasons and the older that we get the louder we moan Lol. We arrived here in the apple valley in an icy mid winter and can I say a very wet mid winter. To make matters worse, the roof of the cottage leaks in the lounge and the bathroom and the cold rain that continued to drip in just made matters worse. But we coped and now we have to cope with extreme heat.
This is life, a coping game!

We hope you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for your visit to a post by @papilloncharity

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Hahahaa... thanks for the fun lighthearted read ;-)
... and yes... cool pics as always ;-)


You're a great guy my bra. Thank you and glad you enjoyed the story line! Blessings!

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You know, I can't bring myself to type the phrase "awesome pictures as always"... it just fades away all the amazingness I have each time I stare at one of your photos. It has been more difficult to post some eloquent comment since words are no match for the astonishing beauty of your shots.

Thanks for sharing, best regards.

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That sure is a hot one, the birds did enjoy the water. Great photos.


Thank you @sunscape and I am sure glad that we are not up in the northern parts of the country! Blessings!

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The post is about our rock lizards; @papilloncharity

Cool pictures mate, it is very funny to read how you tell the story of what happened with those birds ^^


Thank you and just a bit of light hearted fun my friend. I love to give a human personification to my stories about nature and I am sure that many ladies have been splashed by their boyfriends at a swimming pool! Blessings!

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@futurethinker Thank you and I like your tag name. I am a bit surprised at your invitation, as I only write things the way that I see them. In a flowing manner straight from the heart, without engaging the rubbish upstairs. You seem to have liked my little story in the post and I appreciate that. And I keep everything original. I will have a peep at your sites. Thank you once again for the kind invitation and for starters expect a follow on your own site! Blessings!


No problem hope to see you around!

Rock pigeons really enjoyed that spot of water to cool down, lovely little ditty story to go with the two Stephen.

Now the cool weather has moved through the country that intense heat is sure to follow, along with humidity in our part of the world which I really do not enjoy. Have a great weekend.


You never been splashed or bombed in a swimming pool Lady Joan? That is also one thing that I cannot stand about the Durban climate. Humidity. My hair curl wildly and my eyelids stick together so much that I struggle to blink. Blessings!

Jeepers, 50 degrees in the car. That's no fun. No wonder the rock pigeons were having a splash!


@kiligirl Thank you Lady Linsey? Hope I got this right? Not often that I get these birds so close up to people and I presume the slowly turning water mill wheel put them at ease. We seem to experience some problems with the heat waves over here and I think in most of the country! Blessings!

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