WILD PHOTOGRAPHY - Agkistrodon piscivorus

in photography •  2 years ago 

Ah yes, the feared Cottonmouth AKA Water Moccasin!

I had the opportunity to photograph a Water Moccasin down by the creek earlier. Since their main defense mechanisms are flattening their bodies and gaping with their mouths wide open revealing the light-pink inside (where they get the name Cottonmouth from) it was rather easy to photography it.

Here is a close up of the gaping mouth. I wonder how many frogs have slid down that hole. Anyway, despite the fact that they are a venomous pit viper, they still are a beautiful creature and I really enjoyed photographing this one earlier. Enjoy the photos!

Agkistrodon piscivorus

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:

proof-of-agkistrodon piscivorus

Until next time…

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Phew...Nasty looking sucker.

Yeah, it's nice to see them ahead of time, before you step on them!

For sure!

thx for sharing

Some pretty cool shots, I'd be pretty nervous. Thanks!

hey, it really is a beautiful snake. Good photos too.
How did you do to discover it and take the photos?

Thanks for the great post. I grew up in Texas and saw my fair share of these.

I’m also a photographer, and I’ve just discovered Steemit.com. I'm looking forward to seeing your future posts/images.

I have followed you and up-voted your post. Please consider following me and checking out my past posts:




Mike Bryant (AKA: Rebele93)

Very special defense technic for a snake, but for sure it can make the stranger and other animals afraid to go closer. Also, the flattening is not really common with the snake, I see some flattening but in a different way like the cobra or green banana tree snake what is the normal size of the Water Moccasin? Thanks for sharing those nice pics and good explanation.

where his teeth

Tucked back at the moment.

Here you can see where they are located though.

ok thank you

Looks scary and in the same time beautiful
Awesome photos, im gonna follow for more

There will (hopefully) be more. It's a hobby of mine and now I can share it thanks to steemit!

Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous snake!

Thank you!

oh boy.....this snake reminds me of when I was a child.....my sisters were swimming by the shore in Muskoka - Portage Lake and the adults were on the shore screaming for us to get out of the water. My youngest sister didn't hear the warnings, so a man ran up to her along a dock and yelled "Look out little girl there is a snake behind you".!! She turned around and was face to face with the biggest snake I'd ever seen. It was perked up like a cobra!. Of course she screamed like a little girl and the man grabbed her out of the water. My mother was frozen on the shore because of her fear of snakes. She couldn't speak for a few hours. A few men chased the snake to some rocks along the shore and killed it. Why? I don't know but your pictures reminded me of this beastly snake. It was probably smaller than I remember but I was small then. Thankfully I did not inherit my mother's fear of snakes. I don't particularly love them but I am not afraid to look at them either. My sister? Oh ya, she's afraid of snakes and worms. She can't walk in the rain because of the worms on the sidewalk. Funny.

Love your curiosity though!

Wow! Afraid of worms in the rain! Oh no! Your poor sister.

Wdf.. ? O.o are you Crazy lol

Crazy is in the mind of the beholder.

Do they spit venom?

No, they inject it with their fangs.

I'm hoping your were using a telephoto lens from about three miles away?

No, a few times I set the camera on the snake to get those close up shots!


Awesome photos! Are they poisonous?

No, but they are venomous.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

lols! Fine! :blush:

I like your photo

Man you have balls of steel!!! congrats for those pictures. Great job

Dude thats the last thing i would ever try

I like the information you always offer, you really are a great greeting from venezuela .. @joserc.vzla

Personal rule: If it's venomous and close to the house or animals I dispatch. If I'm walking and come across something on it's own turf, I try to avoid it and walk away.

I've only seen one cotton mouth before and it was down by the creek. We gave each other a fright, lol. I love your pictures. Great job.

I just saw about another ten of them tonight down by the lake. They were everywhere!

I don't know that I'd walk back down there without my leather engineer boots on, yikes. I'm not familiar with their temperament . We have three venomous snakes in my area. The rattlers tend to warn and flee when possible. The copperheads are nasty and will turn on you and even chase on occasion. But the cotton mouth, I have no clue, I rapidly bailed as it was a surprise meeting.



that fear that danger very brave .congratulations. I do not speak english traslator

I made my effort to comment

Your effort was fine, they are dangerous. I was trying to make a joke. My apologies.

Ah well, no problem, I love you

I see the mountains behind you in your avatar, and that you are from Columbia. Are you familiar with the movie La Montana?

if mountains of the city of medellin. I'm from Colombia, I speak Spanish. and I do not know montana.

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Wow this is one fat bugger s.o.b. but beautiful one.

It spreads out its body to look bigger, but it was a good size.

Would be scary though. With a name like cotton mouth...nasty

You are very brave, Great post. Thank you

Help post.All dollar i will earn from this post will be given to help the flood victim people.do share among friends too.

Great pics, and that is a fat one! Stay safe papa!

Mind my french but, you sir have BALLS OF STEEL! Pretty much took a selfie with death it self ahaha. It interesting how the end of the tail becomes so narrow abruptly.

Yeah, it appears that they can only flatten their bodies before the vent, not after.

Snakes are feisty ones, Australia has some of the deadliest snakes and animals in general.

Therefore, there are no bad people in Australia :)


wow amazing @papa-pepper. it's a very venomous snake. papa is very brave to take the picture. success for you @papa-pepper

I was fine, it just looks dangerous. We saw a bunch more tonight, maybe ten!

okay if it does not matter. I am waiting for the next post @papa-pepper

Omg that mouth photo taking is risky. How did you do that? I wanna be the best photographer like you. You took all these perfectly. I don't know if I can do it because I am afraid of reptiles.Does the snake has teeth? I remembered my friend who owned that animal. It has no teeth. Upvoted.

awesome pictures, Upvoted! :-)

You're very brave :-@papa-pepper, I would have run a mile! Great photo :)

Wouldn't want to accidentally run into this guy!

Omg Broth u hve IRON BALLS, amazing shots, beautiful and strange serpent.

Very Scary snake!

That one is damn scary snake but nice shots there @papa-pepper!

The photos are good, and the snake is a little bit scary.

Yeah, i got phobia on snakes.

Sir,your photographic is so amazing .
You take amazing shorts keep it up.
I fallowing you please also fallow me.

That looks majestically scary.

I did not know why they were called " Cotton Mouth" until now. Thanks.

This images are awsome.....u did a great job taking this pics....steem on

I'd have shit my pants just seeing that.... I am petrified of snakes. Kudos to you for being able to go close enough to photograph that...!

Wooooow excelente fotografías!!!! muy BUENO!

Congratulations @papa-pepper!
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Ah! @Papa-pepper, pls don't have us out there alone in the forests taking selfies with wild animals. You're gonna get us all killed. Cos although we love wild animals I know the feeling is not mutual (grin)

Wow, just wow. These shots are amazing. I am a little afraid of snakes, so these shots are wonderful for me. You got right in there. Thanks for posting these.

Nice! Actually it is very beautiful yet very powerful

I agree! An intimidating creature!

These are great photos @papa-pepper. I have never personally encountered one of these. Since they are venomous, do they strike out or do you have to be closer to get bitten? Just an inquiring mind...

Nice picture @papa-pepper proper action shot. Good work :)

Yikes! How close was that to the low water bridge? Or are you talking about a different creek?

Wowsers, I can't believe how wide they can open their mouths...I mean I've heard that they can unhinge their jaws but never actually seen a picture like that before, very cool. :D

Thanks so much for sharing. :D Have an awesome day! :D

ouu creo hoy no dormire ;( me dio miedo esa serpiente
increible imagen muy buena

Nice Post
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