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Rabbits come in so many amazing colors!

It is amazing to me the variety that can come from breeding rabbits. This one, although it may look wild, is a fully domesticated one. Somehow breeding black, gray and white ones produced this offspring, which is a beautiful rabbit indeed. Moving forward we plan on trying to breed some interesting colors and patterns, and document what happens when we breed certain combinations. For now, I just wanted to share some photos of a few of my favorites with you, starting with this natural colored doe.

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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thx for sharing

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Gotta love the bunnies.

My brother bred rabbits when we were younger. Got some occasional unusual results as well. It’s interesting to see.

I don’t know if you grew up this way as a child but hope you know what you are doing for your little Peppers by giving them the life you are giving them. 😊 I think every kid needs to experience “farm life” at least once before their childhood is over. See something born and experience different animal life. It adds to a child’s life. I grew up that way but my kids are not. They got to stay on a small farm for two days last month and I loved seeing the effect it had on them. This kind of stuff is magical for them.

Thank you for all the encouragement in our parenting! It means a lot.

It's neat to see!

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Beautiful post

For some reason, I'm over here laughing out loud. After all the careful breeding to instill certain traits. What we have here, is what we started with (though more meaty) and that has me cracking up. Then again, I'm easily amused.

I thought the same thing! I that original wild rabbit lurking just below the surface?

wow @papa-pepper has a rabbit too, you're really amazing almost all hewen there the same @papa-pepper.
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so funny rabbits @papa-pepper i like it

do not you understand my situation.

Actually I don't. Don't you love rabbits?

In terms of the production of meat, leather, and compost they are very efficient herbivores

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Hey you made a post about this!

The rabbit is very cute. I plan to keep a rabbit at home. I will make a spacious enclosure, so he is free to move and feels wild life. Thanks for sharing @papa-pepper

Well sir I bet that if you choose your profession in photography you will be doing great sir all the photos captured but you is so real and it also shows the behaviour of an rabbit I was always appreciating your post and like all the contest that you had created thanks for such an amazing post from you

Thank you for the compliment!

Well sir actually deserve it

We have a lot of wild rabbits here in the woods. It started snowing a few days ago so now their fur is rapidly turning white so they will blend in. Nature is amazing and takes care of its own.

this includes my favorite animal @papa-pepper.
because I am also a person who loves all pets.
thanks for sharing @papa-pepper.

I love all animals too my friend!

One day Mr. Pepper when the rains come, you are going to be called upon to build an ark and your great relationship with the animal kingdom will definitely come in hand.

Love those pictures a lot. Rabbits are beautiful and do come in many colors. We have some black&white here to. Thank you for sharing.
Beautiful environment as well. Cheers!

Nice to see your amazing coloured rabbit🐰...I have two rabbits of white colours... I have shared their photos in mysterious post with my loving friends of steemit ...I appreciate your way of loving nature... Thanks for sharing your lovely animals..

Thank you for checking the photos out!

Welcome dear friend!

Bugs bunny .. whats up doc?? Hehehe

These are one of the innocent animal present in the world and they also have a very special property that at the time of lack of food the use the own produced waste materials to survive

Taste like chicken.

I love rabbits. We raised New Zealand and Californian. We had some great colors. We had a couple Vienna marked New Zealand we bred together. They gave us fun colors and blue eyes.

We got a few blue-eyed ones too!

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Makes them look less...evil. lol

Great post @papa-pepper
thanks for sharing

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Rabbits are beautiful animals although I don't know if it's dangerous but it looks angelic. I remember when in high school we were asked to skin a rabbit and de-bone, o my I was sad because they were white with lips. Looking so innocent and harmless. Till this momen I have not seem to get over the emotion attached to the poor rabbit.

Which ever way these are lovely pictures and I do not not know your take on keeping rabbit as a pet just like keeping a lap dog.

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

Great post and photos. Rabbits are cute.

I have a colony (?) up at the end of the street... when I go to the donut shop in the morning I know to slow down to a crawl and watch out for them. They're always in the same spot so they must have a den. Love those little guys!!!

Very cool! I found earlier this year at a job site, when I was weed-eating (weed-whacking). Thankfully, I saw them in time.

All of the ones I see are really small kind of like cooneys. I have to really watch out for them- they dart across the road.

The cemeteries I managed were full. I found a nest full of babies when I was weed whacking they had dug in next to a stone.

so cute, i love bunnys.....;O) thank you for shoting them, not as toys in cages, THANK YOU!!;O)

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I love rabbits! We raised them when I was growing up and now that I am living back in the country, we have them showing up in the yard on a regular basis. Just yesterday I posted a story here on Steemit about having to the police and a rabbit running at him in the middle of the night causing him to pull his gun, lol. Thanks for the memories and keep up the good work!

so cute, i wish i can get one

I like rabbits. I like this post. Thanks for sharing this post my friend.

Such a cute little fellas, @papa-pepper!

I love rabbits. I used to have a white mini rabbit as a kid. We named her Snowy. Was so sad when she died....

Thanks for posting! Is she a regular in your backyard? She doesn't seem to be afraid of you.