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I was out running errands today, and happened upon this one.

While it may not have been the size of the "frozen waterfall" that @mericanhomestead and I happened upon yesterday, this one certainly caught my eye. Between the ice and icicles, the little waterfall was still running with its rushing waters. It created a really cool look, and the temperature was perfect to get this "half-frozen" effect. While I don't always enjoy the cold, it sure makes for some excellent photo opportunities. Enjoy the photos folks!


As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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GIF provided by @orelmely


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Nice view

beautiful photos! thanks for sharing

That is awesome looking. I want one.


beautiful picture that you share @papa-pepper come again to my place to share upvote @papa-pepper thanks.

I don't know, but i think you always at the right place at the right time. Nice shots!


I just try to get around and keep my eyes open. You never know what you are going to find, but you find more when you look!

very beautiful, I really like the second picture. Because the picture of the waterfall looks very natural with the presence of several trees. Very good idea.


Thank you!

lucky living in a place like that ... :)

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lucky living in a place like that ... :)

LOL - NO, I don't live there! LOL It's a frozen waterfall!


i wasn't implying you're a hermit trying to find enlightenment under a frozen waterfall xD


LOL! Thanks, glad that you saw that!

Wow ... A very beautiful photo of frozen water. I can feel the coolness of the frozen waterfall. Thanks for sharing your beauty and allowing to share it. Good luck always for you @papa-pepper.


And thank you for checking it out!

Very beautiful photos, a winter wonderland. Thx for sharing!


Thank you for checking them out @hope777!

What a beautiful sight this is... The stuff of fantasy. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos.


It is a really cool sight! Thanks @samirich!

wow .. this is a very beautiful scenery, but sanyang where I live there is no snow, there is only flood when the rainy season comes. you are a great person @ papa-pepper people like you are the motivation of every steemian.


I am glad that you feel motivated by me and others! Steem on!


😊 thanks I'm glad you reply to him, people like you are worthy of example. allow me to always follow each of your posts @papa-pepper


Way cool, like frozen cool.

Wooow Awesome view dear i love your photography keep it up


Thank you. I think I might actually give away that camera soon. Keep an eye open.

magical looking area. You must get photos in the Spring.


That sounds like a good idea.

This is rely nice. the photos are cool

İt is look like a little example for this:)Pamukkale-Travertenleri-04.jpg


Wow! What a place!

Woooooooow!!!!! @papa-pepper,you are one heck of a photographer,you just know the right spot to take pictures,i love your concept,these pictures are not only beautiful but creatively taken,i'll follow your blog steadily from now on, cause i have a lot to learn from you when it comes to taking pictures,thanks for sharing this.

nice post, I like and upvote

Nice one, I love the photographs and it just shows the beauty of nature

Love this place... lucky you ....

This is fantastic. All we’re missing is Aslan the lion.

Great photos... looks like winter has arrived down there!

This is what a waterfall looks like in the city this time of year!


A frozen chain link fence? Pretty cool looking.


Yes it was under a water spout with runoff from melting snow and temperature dropped back down.

That's amazing 😍

Nice set man!!

very beautiful photo @papa-pepper, i really need help from you because i am newcomer in steemit, i am very happy if you want to help me.

Beautiful scene to behold indeed.

Very nice. a reminder of some of the fountains that got frozen over that I saw in winter when I lived in Kansas City, MO - the city of fountains.


Cool, glad that it gave you a reminder. This one is about 4 hours from KC.


I'm triggering OPERATION TRANSLATION #CN for this one. :-)

This is a nice photography!

So beautiful 😍

nice pictures.

Beautiful Shots:)

Absolutely gorgeous photographs.

Beautiful Magic

Beautiful place!! it looks like something out of a fairy tale

Beautiful. Almost looks like water-sculpted rock you expect in a cave.

Stunning photos of the winter waterfalls in your neck of the woods. Thnks for sharing, @papa-pepper!

Good @papa-pepper

I like this posting.
hopefully you add success yes

Real nice shots. Keep them coming!!!

Wow, you got lucky! In the right place at the perfect time. Those are some amazing shots!