A first positive in a while [Pt. 2]

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After finding a nice resting location on the cicada hill, and they calmed down a bit, it turned out that I couldn't stay until after sunset, as I really wanted. The whole cicada thing was telling enough that going back the route I came, but it will be in the dark, it will be much less safe. Roaming the thick vegetation for 1 hour in the pitch black night is not something I'd want to do, unless I really have to.

And not because of the cicadas themselves, but it reminded me that the hills and field surrounding my city are full of mosquitoes (which are insanely attracted by me), snakes and spiders are also very common, but the most dangerous would be running into a pack of dogs. And not the stray dogs, they are easy to deal with, although in the dark, in the hills, even they can be quite dangerous. There are a lot of crop fields and animal farms around, so at night many of them just let their guard dogs loose to roam the hills. Running into them would definitely mean bad news.

So, I decided to move a bit faster, and took about 15 photos, out of which came out this cool panorama:


On the left there's the monster that fed - and killed - a lot [of people and nature] in my town. The infamous lead factory, a remnant of the once booming, idyllic economy, ended up dying a slow, rusty death. Our economy - and life - faced the same fate. On the right, there's the metropolis where I reside.

This is my first stitching panorama, it took a while to process it, so I'm quite proud of it.

P.S.: I promised a video of the cicada stampede, and I had 2 failed attempts to make it. I'm going back again soon, and I hope the third time will be the lucky one, if the rule is correct. :)

Here's the prequel of this post.

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