A first positive in a while [Pt. 1]

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Hi there fellow Steemians! I hope you're doing great! I'm getting better myself, so...

I took a very loosely planned action the other day, the weather was crazy, and the only thing I knew was - I needed photos. Due to my recent turmoils, I haven't have the time to even think, let alone go out and shoot.

But a couple of days ago it just happened. The day was awful, third lawsuit on my doorstep as a part of the bankruptcy tirade I'm suffering currently wished me a good morning. I felt like shit.

I live in a small place, so getting out of town requires less than 4 minutes of regular walk. A light rain started falling right over me and my immediate area, but never went for the city. After the frst drop I knew I was in for a treat, strongly sensing the rainbow, unpacked my camera, and lo and behold, my grand prize:

Cityscape Rainbow Car.jpg

Cityscape Rainbow.jpg

After this treat for sore eyes, I kept moving north, following this, seemingly endless railroad:



after which I ran into this silly guy:
Stubborn Sunflower.jpg

The sun is right behind you, fella! Why are you staring at my camera? Stubborn plant, it was probably trying to win a bet.

The golden hour already ascended upon one of the northwestern hills, and my next encounter was a bit more lively. Too bad I was totally unprepared for one of them, so I'm going back for round two. I found myself entangled in a whole hillside of interesting small, tree-looking plants (will show them in the next post, later today), and they were packed with cicadas. There were so many of them, I could literally not hear my thoughts from all that chirping. I'll try to make a video. The thing is, all of those cicada-overpopulated plants were 2 feet apart from each other (about 50-60 cm) at most, and passing through, fully geared-up, without disturbing the plants was impossible. The first time I did that, a swarm of cicadas from the surrounding plants exploded in an attempt to run away. Chills went up my spine, it felt like an Indiana Jones movie, but knowing cicadas are quite fearful, I was quite sure I was safe. This happened one more time before I realize it will happen anytime I do it, because the whole hillside was just overrun by cicadas.

Comically enough, I did have enough time to prepare my camera for this mighty little beast:


I already feel better. And some positive things happened in the past two days, which postponed this posting, but brought a very necessary bubble of air needed to take a breath. Things are looking brighter.

So, part II of my adventure is in the press, the RAWs are being processed. See you in a bit! :)

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