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I'm sure that every active steemian have a day with no idea what to post.

If my memory still serves me, I'm quite sure, that from around September 2017 I made a post every single day. Some were good and some bad but It was a big challenge for me.

Well, if I'm honest I think I skipped a post or two.

It happened even to the best. Not to beat around the bush here; it was a beer or two too much for the evening. On the top of six for the starter, if I'm honest.

My main purpose was to learn English believe me or not.

The rewards fluctuated with the price of steem and they were and still are, another important aspect of posting of course. That's why I also invested a lot of money into this circus.

If someone telling you it's not about the money, he's lying.

I'm not sure about the English but rewards were not bad at all.

And risk.

I'm not a fisherman or fish fan but here's an opportunity for the different post.


The only clear photo from the Aquarium in Dubai.


These were to fast for a good shot.


You wouldn't guess where this is.

In the lobby at Vancouver airport.


Street art.


Another blurry one.


A heavy one.


Here's my favorite specimen:

The Crispy Golden Fish served with cold golden beer.

See you tomorrow, my friends.

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That huge mural is fantastic. Hope you have a happy spring oldtimer🤘


Oh yes. Finally.
Plus 15 C and sunny today.

Gracias por compartir las fotografias de tus vacaciones por Dubai @oldtimer imagino fue un paseo único y sensacional disfrutar de un acuario como ese y apreciar la gran variedad de peces que tienen allí. Amigo si quieres un poco de CALOR puedes venir a Venezuela

Que placer disfrutar de ese maravilloso acuario,de verdad una maravilla,saludos desde venezuela y encantada de visitarle@oldtimer.

Hi, @oldtimer!

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aren't you a native English speaker??
then just wow! your progress is great! what level of English did you have before the start?
Almost every day posting... - me too;)
Trying to improve English - the same with me;)
but my results are not so great for now:(
what is your mother tongue?
It is all about money - yes yes and yes;)
but i didn't invest anything here because I just don't have what to invest now;( but I still hope that BTC price will make me a millionaire soon;))

Howdy sir oldtimer! oh those are great photos considering fish don't like to stop and pose very well! lol. The last photo is classic!

I just put you on my ginabot so I won't miss your posts @oldtimer, since I always like them. I saw one for thursday green recently where you were talking about the guy fixing the house and the other one who bought a house with steem. I had that open to comment but then the computer crashed. Soon I will get it tuned up if this price holds.

I'm living off of steem for over a year now and it is not easy, but with consistent posting I can do it. That has been the key for me and why I believe in this nuthouse.

You are in Canada, so beer is the thing there. My brother is still there celebrating Beer Friday each week. It's in my top ten reasons for leaving lol. Hockey and snow were also on that list.

Great photos. I wish I could do better with mine, but I am making do. The guy with the big one on his back has to be taken from some part of life there. I do not think you could make that up.

Hang in there my friend, and keep posting. You add a lot here and we need people like you to stay present.