Autumn Walk

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I saw on the news that in Calgary they got a record amount of snow yesterday. 25 centimeters on 2nd of October. Scarry.

And just when I booked my flight back to Canada. Too bad.

To turn my thoughts away from winter I prepared another set of shots from beautiful Ljubljana. Enjoy, my friends.


Ljubljanica river never freezes at least as far as I know.


When you enter the city there is a parking lot with bicycles available to avoid the traffic.


Some nice architecture you can find on your walk through the city.


Honey is an important part of Slovenian diet.


This building was built in 1933. With 13 floors and 70 meters, Nebotičnik (Slovenian for 'Skyscraper') was the tallest building on the Balkans and the ninth tallest building in Europe at the time of its construction.


Ljubljana castle.


In the city market.


He knew it even back then.

Steem to the Moon!

See you soon, my friends.

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Greetings @oldtimer.

Lovely photographs of such a beautiful happy to hear about your travels. the moon!

Wishing you two a safe trip home.

Take Care. ^__^


Thank you, my friend.

Wow I actually didn't know Slovenia's capital is Ljubljana. This looks like a beautiful and peaceful city.


It is, except when the fog crawl in, hehe.
Thanks for stopping by.

What a good looking space here raw of building between water pmp

Wow.. This is beautiful, awesome parking space for bicycles. I do that usually in my place.

Yeah. Before I forget. You are an excellent photographer


Thank you.

You really captured beauties of Ljubljana and added nice description to present our culture and history a bit.


I didn't mention winter fog ;-)

Love that last photo. That is some strange art! I've heard great things about Slovenia, I'm sure you've had a great time. Not sure what you have going on in Canada....but South East Asia is where I'd recommend spending the winter. Safe travels my friend. From Odessa Ukraine! -Dan "World Travel Pro!"


The statue definitely looks weird. I wonder if it's from wear and tear or if it was intended to look like that.


I'm done with traveling for this year, but thank you for the suggestion.

Ljubljana is nice but its no Korcula! Bon voyage... hope the snow melts before you touch down!

Beautiful area!

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I'll have to visit there again soon.

I'm also from Canada and oddly enough my wife and I found someone selling Canadian Maple Syrup at a good price at a market in Ljubljana similar to the one you show here.

We bout everything the vendor had (about 10 liters)!


It's not a big city. Probably was the same market.
Was it an original brand?


Yes, the same brand that we used to buy back home! We were very surprised and soooo happy!

I miss the those morning walks around Ljubljanica, make a quick stop at the market and good cofe. Yes, I'm talking about Barcaffe!


I hear you, man.
Filter coffee in Austria and Canada definitely sucks.
I treat myself with good coffee in the Italian store back in Edmonton.


What a beautiful area, I agree to early to be thinking about snow,


Yes indeed.

That looks like a wonderful place to take a stroll.

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I guess Your weather is changing. This is beautiful view


Thank you for promotion, my friend.

That beautiful place Sir, hope someday i can visiting there


I hope you will.


Amen... thank you Sir

I'm sorry to hear about the weather in Canada. It's going to be a long winter for you :) BUT you can still think of your beautiful sunny summer.

Honey is important in Slovak diet as well. I don't eat it anymore but there are many farmers having bees and producing honey across the country.

Neboticnik sounds cool. We say mrakodrap which translate more like 'cloud scraper':D Nebo means sky in Slovak too! It's funny how these languages as comparable.

Thank you for sharing some great photos!


You right, we have a lot in common.
Thanks for stopping by.

We were possibly in Ljubljana at the same time these days :)


When the steem price rise there will be more opportunity to meet.
En pir pr Šestic al pa Figoucu?


Sounds great! That would be awesome - zmenjeno :)

Awesome shoots


Thank you.


You are always welcome

I traveled in Croatia some weeks ago by car we passed slovenia and i was disappointed because we do not make a stop in lugìbjiana now that i see your photos i am disappointed even more, next holidays i must visit this city it always inspire me since i read a Cohelo's books where the main character live in this city..


You should stop for sure, especially in the autumn.

hahaha! steem to the moon indeed sir oldtimer! from you to God's ears! wow what a wonderful city to visit, I love that canal going through the city and the architecture is great, they don't build them like that anymore.
Great photos sir!


Thank you.
You're right. They have had some style back then.

Lots of signs of autumn are beginning to appear here, but I am hopeful that snow is still weeks away! I hope you are planning a mid winter trip to somewhere warm! Beautiful sunny photos!

The quality of the photos is so high that it took time time to load the page....but it was totally worth it:) @oldtimer


Thank you.
They were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note8.

Great photographs showcasing a beautiful city.

Wow!!! This is beautiful