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Brooklyn Street Art

Here is another of my street art photo series. I hope you guys like them _____________________

All photos shot with:

iPhone 8 Plus

Apparently this one is common in almost every town, as seen in my previews post.

A different perspective of this art.

Quote for every post

“Every artist was first an amateur”.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I hope you guys enjoy the post

Check out my previews post:

Alternate route that many aren't aware of in NYC.
Random Street Art Part II - Williamsburg Brooklyn.
When you see the Storm coming!.
Houses on the country side of Dominican Rep.
Creation of Beach of the Dead & Gri Gri Lagoon.PART 2
Beach photoshoot: Baoba beach, Dominican Republic.
Photographing My Island Queen.
Touching the clouds on an Island.

F o l l o w M e @necio

Sola @necio
IG: cormeum_photography

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Love it!

Glad you liked them.
Thank you!.