Sublime Sunday # "Sunset by the Beach Side"

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Sublime Sunday by @c0ff33a gives an opportunity to bring out your creative expressions. I am not much into picture editing which this forum gives an opportunity for, but I enjoy sharing just the pictures that I get to capture in my travels. Normally I am doing a lot of writing but with this one, I just prefer to talk less and allow the pictures do the talking for themselves.

Over the weekend I was once again at my favorite place, the beach side. whole 2 days I spent with my friends here at the beach. My last few days in India, so I am trying to make the most of it by spending some quality time with my friends. My niece was also with us who is 2.5 years old and she is a non stop chatter box, it was so much fun with all her chatter.

It was low tide during the sunset and the water was very much inside. The beach had this formation all over, the patterns of the waves that would occur during high tide and during low tide the patterns would remain. Not many people come here so these patterns do not get disturbed and the formation stays as is.







Hope you all enjoyed these pictures

Thank you for visiting my blog.


GIF Courtesy @enginewitty 😍😍

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Awww, I'm kinda jealous, was rainy here all weekend. Looks like fun!

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I love rains, it just feels amazing.
This place was very peaceful. I did not want to come back, but as all good things come to end, so did this

My mermaid self feels sooooo much happier for having seen these yummy images - thank you. Might just sustain me for these last 5 weeks till I hit the beach in Vietnam in April.