What It Takes To Be An Artist

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To be an artist doesn't mean that you only do one thing. It doesn't mean you only draw or paint. And it doesn't mean you can't have more interests except art. No one should expect anything from artists.
If we want and feel like to, we can for a time make works about one theme and after a while about another one and with a different technique and medium.
We, artists, aren't more different then musicians. They make different albums about different things. And that's totally fine. The same with artists. We are allowed to express ourselves the way we want and feel like to.
And it does not mean we have to do it every day or show only that. There might be days when we feel inspired and work for a week in a row and there will always be days we will feel like we can't or do not want to. And maybe we want to express ourselves in other different ways because with art we can not fully. For example, except art I love to express myself while I am writing or dancing. I write my own poems. I work with them in my art. I make my own choreography and work with it until I feel that time of my life is over.
You.should never expect anything from creative people. Let them do whatever they feel like to, let them post their photos, art, emotions, any thoughts or creative work. and appreciate, wonder, and at least try to understand.
P.s. And we all are allowed to have our time on social media. Even if we have a really busy schedule, even if we post something, art, sketch or any picture, it doesn't mean we have a time for even more things at that moment. We are working. Posting something doesn't mean we are lying in bed and doing nothing or just "doodling around". (If we, I say to you that we do not have a time right now to do your commission and you can not wait few months, then do not say if we/i am posting something it means we have a time for other big works.)

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You are completely right. I think some portion of the people just have some kind of a expectation. It usually does not go further than just knowing the person for what it does.
To understand more would mean to know the persons character, but for the average passer by it is too much, so a lot of opinions are being thrown out at creative personalities which mostly are not true, unfair and now logical. It is like a war, where artists have to have this shield with them, to be ready at any moment to block some misunderstanding, wrong expectations, critic and things like that. -Some like you mentioned in the end. About wasting time or having time at any moment. You said exactly right. That time spent on social media usually is the part of the work, the part of the schedule.
Indeed a cut to the case post, awesome!

@edgarsart Yes, that's what I am saying. Not me, but I know many, especially young deep in the heart really talented artists who because of that stop a lot of things, and mostly - art. Pressure from others can be really big. Not everyone's character is so strong that they do anyway how they want to. I just want to be example to those and other people. To show that it is ok to do what you love, and that it is not just one thing or/and in one style.

Art is so complicated subject. On one hand anything can be art, on the other hand only what some people say.
I think the main thing is to focus on what you like, what makes you happy . That is all that matters. Sad part is that people get recognized as artists when they die, in most cases..a bit sidestepped..
All in all, thanks for the read and my little rant..hope to catch some more from you

It is really complicated, I agree. But from the other hand, people make it that way, because of some "standards". I just want to be example foe many people who are artists and art lovers, that there shouldn't be something like: once you drew that style, now you Have to draw in that style only. And not always artists will draw to express themselves. I think at this moment in the world this question is like never ending story. I could discus this for a month and still it won't be in the way it should be.
Thank You for leaving your thoughts and reading whole text!
P.S. I will talk about it more. Because I have to at least to start to make some changes about art and how it "should be".

Thank you for the interesting post!

Thank you for reading it!

Great post!
Well said!
A creative person is a creator, he sees the world differently, his creativity becomes food for self-expression. Such a person is looking for himself, and this is a great job. Not always the most creative people do great things, and for them it does not matter. Creativity is their life!
Many people condemn the creative nature, they do not understand this person and will never understand.
So that this person does not create, people think that this is like a order, that time must be allocated for this, they do not understand what it means that there is no inspiration and they say that this is just an excuse ...
My opinion is that life is one and we must do what we like, what makes us happy, here and now at this moment and do not listen to anyone, since there will always be those who are "FOR" and AGAINST. "

I agree with you! I am an artist/creator and for me, creating is like a breathing. I couldn't exist if I couldn't create.
People really don't understand those, who are real creative personalities. Sometimes it is like talking with walls. And that's fine. Just because of that don't have to make some kind of "rules".
And about excuses - after being creative for so many years (basically all my life), people really think we do not want to do something, but there are just days when have to rest, take time.
Also, they don't realize that being creative sometimes might be really hard and all that we create doesn't come from nowhere.
Not every creative person is strong enough to deal with everything that comes with it in life. Hopefully one day I will be heard and this theme will be more discussed.
And thank you so much for reading everything and sharing your opinion. I really felt understand. Thank you so much! Means a lot.

intresting Post

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