My Style for Photographs. Video Processing.

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Today I once again worked with my photos from the last photo shoot. I already showed you some collections of photos in this style.

My sister and I chose a beautiful place near the old fence and conducted a series of photos. I was a model and tried to choose positions that were favorable to me.

Today I want to show you a small video of my processing in Lightroom and Photoshop. In Lightroom I do color correction. I process photos in the right color and brightness for me.

Next, I open Photoshop and clean my face and retouch it. I remove unnecessary moles, skin irregularities and acne.

You can see how the photography is transformed and takes on a beautiful and aesthetic look.

I always use a certain set of important operations for me in Lightroom and Photoshop. I also study other styles of photo processing every day.

I hope you will find my video useful and interesting.

Enjoy excellent day, friends!


Really awesome dear Milaoz !

Thank you :)

beautiful photography dear @milaoz, i like it and appreciate you, great job keep it up, i upvote and follow you please do comments ,resteem and follow me thanks

nice pic really

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