My Crimea. Balaklava. А magnificent view of the Black sea (original photos). [Part III]

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Friends, can you swim? We don't ask that question to each other.

Obviously, we all flounder about in the sea. Old folks and children are near the shore, men usually swim for long distances, ladies often float lazily showing how they're beautiful. A typical day on a standard Crimean beach.

The main thing is there are no sharks in our waters!

Therefore, it's a fair pleasure to swim here, especially as you can find beaches for all tastes!

Take the Southeast coast of Balaklava

Let's count:
Silver and Gold beaches,
beaches of a natural boundary Inzhir,
beaches of a natural boundary "The Lost World" etc.

Usually we choose the beach from a boat.
If there is no one there, we come on shore.
In other words, along the coast to Cape Aya you can find a variety of cozy beaches.
Zhopa (Ass) is very popular beach on Inzhir. The favourite spot of nudists! I'll show somehow why we call it so! :)

But today we are going to another divine beach.

Haven't you seen the beginning of my trip? You are welcome - Part I & Part II

The Rock Motyl has excellent overlook.

You can see all Balaklava coast from the bay till Cape Aya. If we look closely, we can see the Barrel of Death.
Do you like kayaking? Look! They have kayak marathon! :)

Well, not everyone enjoys nature! :)

I like sailing as they are. It's a pity sails are not scarlet.

A boat will deliver you to any wild beach. Do you like one?

Vasili Beach is nearby to Balaclava on the shore of the open sea.

There are all the facilities for nerveless rest: chaise lounges, cafes, water attractions, massage, WC. Great place for those who appreciate civilization and, at the same time, want to touch wild nature.

I adore our wonderful mountains.

Better than mountains can be only mountains. Vladimir Vysotsky

Marble Bay (Moon Bay) got its name due to the pink limestone mining, similar to marble.

Some people manage to dig with the hope of finding marble. ))))))))

The sun was so merciful to us!

Covered with the spirit of the ancient Greece legends The rock Iphigenia is so fabulous! Agree?

Finally, we come to the destination. Do you see the monastery on the mountain?

This is The Balaklava St. George Monastery and The St. Appearing Rock! The view is just incredible.

There's a tale that ...

Greek sailors have suffered shipwreck and began to pray to St. George.
Saint heard their call and put their ship to a large rock near the shore.
Then the sailors climbed on the rock and found St. George's icon there.
Because of this miracle they built a church in a cave of the mountain.
In 1991 an iron cross weighing 1400 kilos was erected on the rock.

If you want to go to the beach on foot, you should go down the famous stone staircase of 800 steps.

The staircase of health! It's really hard, especially going up the mountain. I remember I couldn't breathe!
However, it's a matter of habit. So come and try :)))

The magic view

People say you can ask St. George whatever you want. You should rub the cross for this.

I was there on the rock a few years ago.
First I climbed the stairs carved in the rock.
Then I went on sharp splintered stones to the cross.
But I did it - rubbed it. My dream came true! Don't believe me? Go and see for yourself. :)

So will you do me a favour, St. George?

I want to catch a fish! A dolphin! Maybe, dolphins!

P.S. Thank you, my lovely Steem friends, for your great response to my last post! I really appreciate it.

To be continued in my next Crimea post :)

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