My Crimea. Balaclava in a heavenly day (original photos). [Part I]

in photography •  3 years ago

I live in an hour from Balaklava.

Balaklava is a city on the Crimean Peninsula and part of Sevastopol.

Population of a city is just 18,649.

Every summer my friends & I go on a boat along the coast of Balaklava.

During the motor-boating we enjoy the beauty of Balaklava, wonderful scenery, make out the ruins of a Genoese fortress. Do you see them in the photograph?

One of the monuments is an underground.

This submarine base was operational until 1993.

Now it's open to the public as the Naval museum complex Balaklava.

This summer trip was unforgettable!

be continued in my next Crimea post :)

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а вот это здание еще есть?
Оно мне таак нравилось!!!


Да, оно еще есть. Сейчас оно выглядит так:

Юсуповский дом в Балаклаве

Красиво как!