Florida Sunset

in photography •  6 months ago

Anna Maria Island, FL. This was taken on my last visit there, but I'm going back soon. My mother-in-law lives there, so I get to visit quite often.

florida sunset 1 of 1.jpg

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oh yeah! so beautiful sunset

The sky looks like a gold sea and sunshine resembles with waves.


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Friday sunsets the best

Beautiful! I think Anna Maria just has such a different feeling to it compared to more touristy places like Siesta or Lido. There are tourists there as well of course so I don't know why, but I feel like there's a peace about the whole place. The photo makes me want to go back.


I totally agree. I don't mean to trash talk Florida, but as a whole... that state isn't the first place on my list of vacation destinations. I like the fact that there are thriving small businesses all over the island, and no chain hotels or anything like that. It reminds me of the past in a good way. Plus, the beaches are amazing.


Please remove your vote @eirians , It is a Phisher account

Really nice view love it


Thanks! :)

Great sunset shot. I'm on Anna Maria regularly taking care of clients from Sarasota.


Awesome! and thanks!

Beautiful photo, sounds like you have a cool mother in law too, this is a huge plus! Are you on discord ? Would be interested in chatting with you ..


I use Discord, but so far I really only use it for Steemit alerts. :)


Well if you’re in the neighborhood stop by and say hello


Will do. Truth be told, I haven't used it enough to understand how I'd even find people on there. I'll look into it.


I don’t know how to search or find people there either. I do know with the link I sent it goes directly to me. I only have found people with the link.

Magnificent landscape, very beautiful and romantic sunset ...
Hello from Russia .., for the island of Anna Maria, Florida ..
Great photo
Great post!

Hello @marksheppard

awesome sunset picture.
florida sunset is very beautiful.
I'm happy to see this post

@marksheppard I also want to see sunset from this beach mermerizing view 😍


I would highly recommend it to anyone!


@marksheppard I really want to see this sunset from this beach 😍


You definitely do. The best part is, there usually aren't even many people on this beach because there is no parking for cars near it.

I love the sea


Me too! :)

nice post brother...

Amazing pic!

That is a nice sunset picture, not the best I have seen but very decent

Hi, @marksheppard
Good picture,you are lucky that you get to visit quite often.

what a lovely nature its good place for relaxing

A beautiful sunset over the sea - always fascinating and pleasing to the eye. In any time, you always want to sit near the sea on the sand and admire, admire ... Beauty!

Gotta love the golden hour. It makes such vivid colors.

How was your visit?
What fun stuff did you do there?



The trip was great. I think I've got other posts on Steemit from the same trip with other photos. We definitely hit the beach every day, but we also did some parasailing, kayaking, and enjoyed lots of great food.

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I’d love to be standing right there right now.

it's so beautiful...

I love the tranquility and peace that can be observed in that beautiful place. Very nice picture, I like the sunsets, I really enjoy its beauty. There are no equal sunsets, each one is unique, like this one. Thanks for sharing that photo.

Me encanta

Lovely scene.

Great use of 1/3s!

Beautiful shot :)

How beautiful sunset, How beautiful creative muse.

It is really a beautiful picture, you have captured the beautiful colors that nature, offers us in all its splendor, simply wonderful.

@marksheppard. Nice photo of Florida! I miss my vacation there already lol, it was a wonderful travel destination and your photo captured it well! So much things to do there that I didn't have opportunity to do some artwork which was what I had planned for lol. Makes me wanna go travel there again lol, good stuff, upvoted your post to support!


Thanks so much!


All good @marksheppard keep it up!

i know your feeling when you take this picture this came after hard work keep its bro

@ marksheppard....Perfect happiness is a beautiful sunset, the giggle of a grandchild, the first snowfall.

beautiful scene... what does ANNA mean?

Good image , inspired quiet, peace and armony. I´ve been in Florida , but I didn´t visit Anna Maria Island. I´ll visit in a future. Thanks for share @marksheppard
Greetinngs from Venezuela


You should, it's a really cool little island. It's long and skinny like a key, but it's near Tampa.


Ah that´s good, My mother told me that she visited Tampa many years ago, when she was a teenager, she said : Tampa is a nice place for living I´m entushiastic to visit there soon !!!! thanks for share ; )

There are tourists there as well of course so I don't know why, but I feel like there's a peace about the whole place. The photo makes me want to go back.
amazing click @marksheppard


I know what you mean!

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Excellent photo, I like this twilight.

Always feel positive about it

Beautiful lights

Delightful place, I cherish the shoreline, the sound of the waves.

Amazing shots

awesome sunset picture.

these clicks always attract people.

Beautiful place, I love the beach, the sound of the waves.

Great picture!!!

Wow! The picture speaks volumes. The golden lining at the rear end is so magnificent. I usually call it "the golden hour photography."

its a beauty!

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Ordinary picture. This sunset can be in any place.


Thanks... I guess?