Some London Street Photography - [Original Photography Collection]

in photography •  6 months ago

Hey guys,

This weekend I was in the big smoke, and while the missus was in an all-day conference, I had the opportunity to sneak around taking some street photos. Not my usual thing, and I do find it quite hard to sneak around trying to get images of people without them knowing. Hope you like this collection. Most are black and white, but I stumbled across the "Trooping of the Colour" while I was there where the Queen inspects all of her troops. It's all pomp and pretention, but quite a spectacle!




















Thanks for looking


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Cool street shots, man!

Dude! your photos are phenomenal!!

This is a fabulous collection of london photos

Fantastic shots! Just upvoted because you deserve it. I like the composition and the black and white just bring the essence of the streets! Good work :)

1 and 12 are my favorite. Street photography is great and black and white really get's the best of it. It's hard to pass unnoticed but it's fun to see the world and human behaviour from a viewer side.


Thanks!! 12 is interesting, I assume you mean the one where I took a photo of a man's butt?


hahahaha lol, I counted wrong. it's 13 hahahahahahahaha

Excellent images again, Mark. Dude I gotta be honest with you, I’ve never been interested per say or real intrigued by photography. You’ve managed to consistently keep my attention.


Totally glad to hear that, got some more stored up for macro monday tomorrow but a little bit different to my usual stuff :)


Excellent macros again. Speaking of macros... (I figured this would be a good place to ask.) If I wanted to draw an image of yours, for example any of the butterfly’s you posted today, and said something to the effect of ‘original photo by @markangeltrueman and post a side by side of your photo and my drawing, you ok with that?
Thank you!


Of course. I'm about to post some black and white macros, but feel free to draw any of my images, I'd be honoured :D

These are great Mark. I am impressed since you said it is not in your comfort zone. I don't do much. After seeing these I think I will do more. Thanks!


Thanks, I ended up with the small 50mm on and with the lcd screen flipped out. Pretending to look at my phone a lot of the time :)

Great collection of pics. That guy is still in Trafalgar Square drawing country flags with chalk! He has been doing that for years.

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