The1Ramp Nature Photography Contest Entry - Around Bulgaria

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Greetings, friends!

The photo count of this post cannot go over 10 since that is the requirement of the competition. But I can add more description to answer the interest you show and I am grateful for.

Kara Dere, Bulgaria

Kara Dere is a wild beach area near the northern footsteps of the Balkan Mountains. It is a place of public dispute since previous governments and current companies try to allow building infrastructure around the area and nature admirers protest hard. It is after all listed as a protected area.

Pine trees are artificially planted there - not their natural habitat and they will not renew in a natural way. But there are also other plants, acacia being among those that would normally grow there.

The approach is from the south via a dusty road through hills with vineyards and lots of birds.

Deserves a separate photo coverage and I intend to make one soon.

Arkutino, Bulgaria

I have already made an article about Arkutino beach with its dunes and sand lilies. It is south from the Balkan Mountains and south from the major port of Bourgas.

Strandzha Mountains, Mladezhka River, Bulgaria

Continuing south from there we enter the Strandzha Mounain more of which lies in Turkey. It is a low mountain and mostly grown with oak forests. There are some rare kinds of plants there and reasons it is also a protected area. Beware, there be wild hogs roaming. The photo is from the springs of a river near Mladezhko village (Youthville).

Sinemorets, Bulgaria

And Sinemorets is a favorite place that still needs to be featured. I started organizing photography workshops there in 2016 and I haven't missed a year so far. Will definitely be coming back. But before that, I will write about it in an extensive article. The village of Sinemorets that slowly grows into a small town for tourists is located on a small peninsula, ending on those cliffs that you see. Called 'The Ships', of course. Both north and south are beautiful beaches, some of the wild, some of them near rivers reaching the sea just there. It is also at the footsteps of Strandzha Mountain where it reaches the sea near the border with Turkey.

Cherkovo village, Bulgaria

Well, that's my village near Karnobat. My father grew up there.

Trigrad, Bulgaria

Far to the west but still near the southern border, this time with Greece, is the mountain pass through Rhodope Mountains.

sp 1 n s.jpg
Mesta, Bulgaria

That would be a small inlet of Mesta River, actually. The valley of Mesta divides the Rhodopes and Pirin Mountains.

Chelopechene, Bulgaria

West again, but also North. Near a suburb of Sofia. Since the capital is relatively high and surrounded by mountains, it was actually a place of a lot of wildlife. It is also on the Via Aristotelis bird migration path.

Stob, Bulgaria

Finally, Stob - An area at the footsteps of Rila Mountain near one of Bulgaria's most famous and oldest monasteries - The Rila Monastery. It is near Via Aristotelis again, this time south from Sofia, along the Struma River that flows towards and through Greece. Once you get east off the road to turn towards Rila and the once again you get off the road, turning south towards Stob village and this interesting sandy shapes.

Stob, Bulgaria

This is my entry for the Nature Photo Contest by @the1ramp.

Good luck and have fun!



P. S.

Also, please leave a comment if you wish to know more about any particular place. Future articles will probably come sooner or later.

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What a beautiful country it is😎 the diversity in nature is stunning! Goodluck with the contest🎉👍

Thanks, there is a lot of mountainage and valleyage around, that's for sure. Also the sea. So for the small territory diversity is a fact.

Bulgarije is so beautiful, it should be steemitworldmap great post

Wow, Bulgaria looks so lovely it makes me want to visit that place. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful photos of yours. Have a great day!

Sinemorets looks amazing. Wonderful eye you have there.

Thanks, I will be writing more about Sinemorets for sure.

Another stunning roundup! I especially love how you captured those springs. I think I would definitely be drawn into the magic of that forest! (As long as the wild pigs didn't come visit too close 😉)

Yup, this one is of the calm, old forests... I may have not shown the spring itself yet. I will check.

Thank you for stopping by!

Hi manoldonchev,

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Thank you very much! Always an honor.

Wow! Impressive report and stunning pictures. I really need to go to Bulgaria.. Such an beautiful country!

You know you're welcome and you will have me as a guide and host if you would like one.

Highly appreciate that buddy! I'll let you know when I can plan something !

South Florida has wild hogs too. Nothing to fool with!

In the second Stob photo, there seen to be rocks on top of the "peaks." I wonder how they would get there.

Thank you for another look at your fascinating country. I would never know of this without STEEM and curie.

And thank you for the head's up for the @the1ramp contests. I will try to enter now too. But you have no fear of my competition with your awesome work :)

Thanks for your comment!

Well, those rocks were there before the spires formed. Water chiseled the rest of the earth material away and the rocks stayed as umbrellas. That is my best answer.

Wow. Interesting. One day they will fall and that would be a moment to catch!

nature is so beautiful, there is nothing like it, your pictures are really nice and I hope you win the contest

It is, thank you!

Gosh, you made me want to go to Bulgaria!!!!

One can find beauty everywhere, right? Still there is quite the Temperate climate variety here.

That's the beauty of nature.

Lovely exploration man. Your clicks are awesome and your words are on point. I enjoyed reading every bit of it

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Happy about that. Thank you and have fun!

You welcome

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great reportage your photos are the best promotion to making people want to visit Bulgaria and the post is very well written

Thanks. Maybe a small portion of that... who knows ;) A few have already stated so. Expecting guests.

These photos are really stunning! I especially love the Mladezhka River, you took a perfect photo of it and the sinemorets, it does have a really interesting view to it. Oh... Those beautiful birds with their really long beaks, I haven't seen one like that before. They are amazing!

Great shots!

Thank you!

Haven't seen storks? Who brings the babies to your place? Where is it?

These places are so interesting. I didn't know that Bulgaria was so diverse. I actually didn't realize that it had a border with Turkey (I'm sorry for my ignorance :))

I love all your photos as usually but my favorite would be the third and the fourth. Those flowers are so pretty and that small 'waterfall' is charming.

Good luck with the competition Manol!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Thank you!

Well, we're all somehow uninformed rather than ignorant. One cannot know everything about every bit of the world until it crosses one's path somehow. And Steem is such a great place to learn bit by bit.

Hi @manoldonchev , your pictures are amazing! I like all of them, specially the third one, because the river looks so beautiful, and the two last ones, where the sand rocks have those curious shapes. Are the formed by rain?

Thanks you and yes, I suspect rain mostly slowly eroding soil away... Maybe I have to dig into it eventually.

Ok I will dig into it too!

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Thank you once again and I wish you success in your ongoing mission!

Beautiful country, no doubt. I loved the images of Stob. Incredible rock formations.

Introducing to the world about Bulgaria through interesting photos, and brief but meaningful descriptions.

Aspects of life are in your photo.

My favorites are the header image and the flower.