Providing Free Photos For Editorial Use On Steem - Update #23, Selection #20

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Greetings, friends,

Coming with another update and new uploads to the gallery of free images for editorial use on the Steem blockchain.

This is a Crashing Waves series and it happened during my vacation last week at Sinemorets, Bulgaria. I could have done better in terms of quality. One always learns. Sometimes the lesson is...

Don't be overconfident!

Make more checks! Adjust... Stuff like that.

Still...some waves we have here:


The initiative was never forgotten. New images coming below!

Those conditions apply only for what was specified. Please, learn more about the project.

If you like what I'm doing and you wish to support the initiative, consider backing me. That will improve both quantity and quality.

Also, there are files for print and/or for commercial use as rewards. For personal use like desktops or wall decoration, too.

Some more basic tutorials also coming,

after the first one about Exposure,

and the second one about Depth of Field.

Enjoy the rest of the gallery which now contains more than 230 images.

Preview of some of the new additions:







Please, visit the gallery linked above for more!

Take care!



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Woah I love these, Manol! The liveliness of the sea and its waves are captured so wonderfully in these photos ! I feel like I can almost hear the roaring sound of them crashing and frothing at the beach !

And you are really wonderful to provide these for use by others :) Really cool, Manol <333333

Thanks. It's also addictive. I want to do it again.

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Oh to be at the sea! Looking at these definitely makes me want to go be somewhere near the water! I can just hear those waves crashing against the shore. Thank you as always for sharing your wonderful work!

Wow! Awesome shots! Great initiative!

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I love the photos showing how sharp the wave was...

you've inspired me to get back to my own photography. I think I'll be uploading them to a pixabay account for others to use as well

Sitting quietly listening to the crashing waves, moods and motion of the sea a lovely topic Manol.

Nice BLUE 💙 ocean and Waves ! ♬♬
from @qurator comments link ! :)

GodSpeed the contest ! 💙

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Thanks and good luck to you as well!

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