🐚🐚A beautiful gift for you🐚🐚 Oyster and Counchshell made show pieces

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Hello steemitians!!!

Hope you all are very happy and enjoying your life!

Today, I am going to show you some showpieces and toys made of Oyster and counchshells!

In my last post, I was talking about my trip to a beach with my college friends. The beach is named as Bokkhali and it was approx 150 km away from our college hostel. The journey was very pleasant and we all went by bus. We stayed over there a whole a day and night there. We went for the trip at noon and reached there at evening and next day we came back and reached hostel at night. We really enjoyed the trip and it was really a memorable day for us.


While roaming on the beach, we saw a few small food stalls and some gift n toy shops over there. Among those shops, there was one selling various goods made of only sea based materials like Oysters, counchshells and other similar things.

The tourists were very interested and they were buying things from there. It was really a nice shop and the owner was also very friendly. As you can see in the picture, those things are awesome mementos to gift someone and to make them happy. Also they can be used to decorate your house. I bought some small showpieces for my home and whenever I look at them, I remember those golden days.

So, now it's your turn. Feel free to leave a comment and share your experience about your hangout to a beach. I am waiting to hear your experience!

Hope you like my work. 😊

Below are my Camera Settings For the Photos...

Device used: Android Smartphone

Device name: ZTE Nubia Z11 miniS

Camera: 23-megapixel single rear shooter

Flash: Off

Exposure time: 1/200

ISO: 800

Aperture: 2.00

Edit: Snapseed

Thank you for visiting!

You are awesome!

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Wow! Those are really crafty, was there something made with something else? like snail shells or something similar?

Artists never cease to amaze me, such beautiful things created with elements that many don't even dare to consider.

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Hope things are going well for you thanks for sharing. It is always nice to find a cool little shop.

Beautiful handicrafts there!

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Wonderful art and your effort in putting the pictures together my friend 👍

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I lived in Hawaii for over 6 years and they had some beautiful art too.

I like the Hindu influence of the art in your images.

Namaste, JaiChai

I was expecting the new camera. Still though, good stuff.

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Thanks for sharing! I love this kind of Handcraft!!