White grace

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Snowless winter so far. These photographs are from the only full snowy day. It all melted the next day after rain. All the snow haters out there how is the grey, gloomy, stormy, rainy winter any better? I don’t understand them and their talks about convenience. No shoveling, no snow in the shoe, less cold. Ugh. Come on! Give me all the snow and some degrees below! The white, icy blanket over the sleepy nature hibernating away. These snowless, warm winters are becoming more frequent guests in recent years, leaving us only wishing for the white Christmases. Yet another sign of climate change as the temperatures keep rising. Soon we might be missing the snow for good which scares me to think about.  

At the same time, those are not the only temperatures rising. Here we are, humanity in all its glory, working hard for the solutions to our problems. Not. Someone short-circuited? Must have, since we are off to a good start in 2020 with WWIII memes. Our world is the biggest joke with those in power playing games with our lives. Trigger happy much? I stopped actively consuming news some time ago to preserve my sanity from all the distorted reality media puts out there mostly in if it bleeds, it leads manner. I am certain, our media is shitting pants as we speak, spreading fear and spinning scenarios of doom while reciting chapters from history. Well doh! It’s our favorite thing to do after all! Ha ha ha! Look, if someone decides to show off who’s got bigger and push a few buttons, we won’t stop them. And if you are still looking for a rational explanation for any of it. Bruuuh.

Meanwhile, we all should appreciate what we have while we have it, and keep working on ourselves regardless of things out of our control. With the seasonal darkness thingy, it has been rather difficult, but I have learned over the years that sometimes you just have to wait it out, take extra vitamins, and increase the walks in nature. Yes. Sometimes you have to kick yourself out of bed instead of but I rather sleep and live in the dream world a while longer. Have you ever done that? Silly, I know. Daylight is returning soon. All will be fine one way or another. It is fine to be a ball of misery from time to time though too since all that being happy all the time is also one of the biggest bullshit out there.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this now rare sighting of snow around my lake just as much as I did!  

Song of the day: Billie Eilish - everything i wanted


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It looks beautiful but blood-curdling to my African sensibilities. Winters are definitely too warm though

Oh I can imagine, haha!

It is troubling how it is shifting. We used to have winters with minus 20 degrees Celsius, pipes froze and cars wouldn't start. Now it's mostly plus degrees :/

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Thank you so much @alamin33 :)

This time of year with the weather and lack of sun is really hard for me as well. The negativity from the news doesn't help at all either. Great photos though. Everything looks peaceful and clean. I really like the last one of the tree with its branches frozen in ice. That one is excellent

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Hey @leaky20! Hugs! It is a struggle for sure. Something that helps me during this time though is burning candles and fairy lights. I find something magical about them :)

Been no snow here either, but perhaps a nuclear winter is on the horizon. The world is fine, it is us that is the mess.

Oh no! :( I was hoping that at least you guys have some snow! Why the fuck we humans are such idiots?

it dropped to below zero today, but no snow.

I think humans are idiots as we are an experiment of evolution to see if we can pull ourselves out of stupidity. I think we are failing the experiment.

These make me want to grab a bunch of that soft non-sticking snow and smear it all over my cheeks.

I wanna make snow angels and have a snow battle. Still hoping for it until Spring arrives.

Hope you are doing good! :)

Serious? Snowless? I dialled up some snow for a white Christmas remember? Hmm, I'll have to have a stern word with the weather team! Lol.

Nice images M. 3rd and 5th are my favourites.

Hope you're well.

Snowless, yea. Guess they missed the memo.

Hey, I am so sorry to hear about the horrors at the land down under :(

Hope you are doing well too! hugs

We could use some snow down here...still, we're making the best of it...Moving forward each day and hoping we catch a break soon thanks for your thoughts.

owwoo amazing. I am from Asian country. Here the weather is different. Really I have never seen before. Amazing photography. Amazing concept.After seeing your photography I feels cold.

Thank you for stopping by @impressions! I am happy you enjoyed them! :) Sometimes I try to imagine how it is to witness the things that I am so used to having as part of my environment for the first time or to be not so familiar with something like snow. Must be a bit strange for you!

This is exactly what a winter birthday kid wants to see. I’m living vicariously through your snow, because today I only caught a glimpse at flurry during sunset. It saddens me to think my season is losing its hallmark. Then my heart’s warmed, or chilled rather, at the sight of your lovely snowfall.

Cheers, also a winter birthday kid. Glad these photos managed to warm kehm chill your heart :) It is troubling with our climate across the globe. It is more visible than ever before yet how come we worry about other man made bullshit over this.

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Beautiful scenery of the lake surrounding with the trees covering with snow! The reflection is gorgeous. The tree in the last photo is amazing. Great capture!

It's so sad that the temperature is rising nowadays and this makes "snowless winter". I agree with you, we all should help to solve the environmental problem and well preserve our nature.

Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

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