Unknown Tuscany - Medieval Ripafratta's Fortress - Original Colorful Photos and Time Lapse- Italy 2017- Part 2

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Hi Steemians!
In this second and last part of the post Ripafratta's Fortress, I would like to introduce my first Time-Lipase that i made with my camera. I practiced for a few days, and I'm enjoying the results(It's of course that i need learning much more yet!).
The next series photos I bring for you the outside view of Ripafratta's Fortress, Serchio River and your flume.
Enjoy it!

Florence completed the domination of Pisa in the sixteenth century, and the castle was of no further value to them. In 1509 the Ripafatta's Fortress came back belong to Community of Pisa.

Serchio River

Serchio's Flume

In 1628 it became a Granducal farm, and in 1845 a nobile family of Ripafratta called Roncioni bought it.

Serchio's Fall and Rail Train

Nowadays it's abandoned, and only has an association and local volunteers to keep the place possible to visit yet.

Associazione Salviamo La Rocca

Time Lapse

Device: Nikon D3200
Lens: Nikkor 18-55mm
Editing Photos: Nikon View NX2
Time Lapse: Sony Vegas 13 Pro

Note - Pictures are under the Creative Commons license
To certify my authorship please visit my steemit page.

Happy 2017!
@lordemau (;

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Nice photos. I love how you captured the water cascading over the rocks!

Tanti saluti!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


Thanks Old Dog! I love to take this kind of photo! (;

Great pics, Lordemau! I enjoyed reading your post.
Upvoted & Followed.


Thanks so much Lazariko! I so very happy that you enjoy the post! Welcome and me too followed you! (;

Love the pictures. What a beautiful place.


Thanks so much! In the Tuscany there are many beautiful places! (;

I also thought the waterfall pics were great.


Thanks so much for your comment! I'm so very glad that you enjoy the waterfall pics! (;

@lordemau wow shots!
thanks for taking us to Florence
I like the first pic, the 2nd and the one before the video a lot


This place doesn't belong to Florence anymore. It returned to belong to Pisa after many battles, money, etc. in 1509 (add in the post). I'm glad that you liked the photos, and I agree with you, they are cute those that you mentioned. For me it is always very hard to choose them. Thank you! (;

Wonderful! I'm thinking of escaping to either Tuscany or Rome this winter.


Thank you so much! Both are amazing, but in my opnion, first you must to visit Rome, and after Tuscany. (;

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Thanks for information ! (;

Thank you for posting @lordemau.

These are beautiful.... mesmerizing....photographs transporting us to Pisa. Lovely series....

Thank you for information regarding your adventures in trying something new....inspiring.....and motivating.

Happy New Year to you as well.


Thank you for your lovely comment. I love found new places to take photos and share with you! Happy New Year you too! (;


Thank you for your reply @lordemau. Looking forward to seeing what you have coming Steemit's way.

All the best. Cheers.


Thanks so much and Steemit on! Cheers! (;