A Day Off with Kids to: Adventure Farm Molenwaard

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The kids had a week off from school, but I had to work so we didn't really have quality time together while they were off from school. Today, the weather was nice and sunny, so we decided to go to a place where they would be outside enjoying the weather but also do some activities together as a family. We went to the Adventure Farm in Molenwaard.

This is an animal farm where you can see animals but also get to do some tasks to finish the day with a "diploma" :)
We were not that early, so some people were already leaving while we were entering the farm. One advantage of not being very early is apparently there is no waiting time to buy tickets :)



Right behind the entrance there was a "Theater" salon. We were lucky because it was just time for another session, so we entered right away.



The theater was about "4 seasons". All the kids had fun watching the session, explaining the 4 seasons by some good examples and songs. Well done.



After the end of the session, I saw the following garbage separation poster, illustrating in a nice way how to separate garbage. It is good to see that people think about this stuff. We are doing our best to teach the children to be environmental friendly. Hopefully they pick it up from us and be better than us with protecting the nature.



If you see a playground like this, you just can't bypass it :) So we took a break while they were enjoying...


Let's start with the assignments. So this is how the assignment book looks like:



The questions were well thought. It is not possible to answer the questions without visiting the corresponding places. So you are pointed to the specific places, like the sections about bee's or birds, to look for the answer of the question. That gives some challenge to the children, which they liked very much.



Riding pony's is one of their favorite things to do :)


So here they both are on a pony...



The answer of one of the questions was in the middle of a maze. It was fun looking for the answer.



One of the questions was about cows... Let's practice how to milk a cow :)



As we are living the Netherlands, how can we skip something about cheese :) So there also was an assignment about cheese.


Around each section, they made playful things for kids like toys, playground and also some puzzles which they can solve and learn about the animals at the same time.


We were lucky with the weather. Besides playing the kids also learned a lot about the animals in a good way, by playing, searching, puzzling. This is a good way to teach stuff to the children. They really enjoyed the day at this animal farm. And of course as parents we enjoyed it too :)

I hope you enjoyed this post too about our day off to the animal farm: Adventure Farm Molenwaard (Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard).

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Many activities to make a child happy.
A beautiful place and a nice post.
Thanks for sharing

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They were very happy indeed ;)
Thanks for stopping by!

That was a quality time well spent and I am sure it must have left so many good long lasting memories.

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