The 10 most amazing natural wonders of Italy - Part 2

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Among the hundreds of memorable places that you will encounter traveling along and off the boot called Italy, there are 10, 100% natives, which I have selected for their uniqueness and the sensations they cause. This is the second part of the precendent post, you can find it here.

6. Arbatax Red Rocks

In the province of Ogliastra, there is a special place in Arbatax, a few kilometers away from Cala Moresca and Capo Bellavista: a beach with an emerald sea and majestic red granite rocks, swirling against the intense blue sky. If you go to the sunset, then you can not fall in love: the rocks, with the sunlight coming down, take on a more particular color, almost wet with gold. In the summer, there is also a blues festival that is among the most watched and animated: you can not miss it.

7. Celano's Gorges

One of the most spectacular canyons of the Central Apennine and of Italy, located within the Sirente Velino Regional Nature Park. The dense and lush vegetation, the ruins of an ancient convent, the numerous springs of water, including the beautiful source of lovers, and the tall and steep vertical walls that reach the bottom of the Gorges, approach incredibly in the most striking feature of the whole path, will give you indescribable emotions in words and make you feel small in front of the magnificence of nature.

8. Valdarno Balze

Sands, clay and stratified gravel form the spectacular natural formations known as Balze, visible in the Valdarno area, from Arezzo to Florence. Rocky skies and pointed pinnacles formed from the sediments deposited by a lake millions of years ago: to sculpt the landscape was the nature itself, through the water, the sun and the wind, which shaped the leaps to the present form . So beautiful in their original shapes and in their brilliant colors, ranging from gray to light blue to amber yellow, the leaps have fascinated even Leonardo da Vinci. Look at the painting of Gioconda and you will understand why.

9. Carezza Lake

An alpine lake just a few kilometers from Bolzano: the vivid colors of its waters, a dense forest of fir trees and the majestic Latemar rocky wall to dominate the landscape, typically dolomitic, make this place so beautiful to look almost drawn. In winter the surface of the lake is solid and the landscape changes its face, naturally beautiful. The lake, nestled like a pearl in the most pristine nature, is surrounded by a magical spell and a thousand are the legends that are told: its waters have been inhabited by nymphs and sirens. If you are curious as true travelers, you just have to go find this wonderful place, suspended between reality and fantasy.

10. Fumarole Sasso Pisano

Nature offers an unusual sight, connected to geothermal phenomena: we see the fumaroles, almost surreal vapor emissions rising from the fractures of the rocks. Take one of the two well-trained paths and get marvelled by the continually changing landscape, strolling through small geysers on a soaky soil and crossing noises, sometimes disturbing, of boiling water that seem to come from the center of the earth. Gurgling pots, sulfur smells, smoke columns, springs of thermal waters and brunette rocks with strange colors: the place is almost unrealistic, but it's really unmissable!

If you want to read the first part of this article go here:

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Great post and pics!
I'm italian but I knew only some of those places

Nice quality!

This was an interesting article with nice pictures! Looking forward to more from you!

Nice photos tnx for sharing

Got family in Italy! Definatley going to try and go to some of these!

Italy is amazing! I had no idea it had such awesome rocks and canyons

Heyy really nice post:) It was verry useful.Please check my little journey that I made soon. I hope you enjoy my photos. @nakedchef89

Great pictures and lovely places ^_^

Oh wow! Now that really makes me want to book a flight to the boot.... Youve gained another follower!

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