Red, White and Fumed Spoon Practice Photo Shoot

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I've been working on the torch every night now, getting a least a few pieces done to get back into the routine and practice techniques. I've had a good go of it too, with no failures so far save for a sherlock with a crack that's still functional.


I'm practicing making even designs and melting them in evenly, which isn't always easy as a new glassblower.



If you look in the middle of the piece on this last photo you'll see some bubbling, that's a sign of a novice who boiled the color.


If I were to put this in the kiln again, the color would come out brighter.


It's a silver fumed piece too, but I'm not very good at fuming at this point in the game, it often ends up much lighter than intended.



Stay tuned, we've got a lot of good stuff to share soon!


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nice pipe! Would go wonderfully with something I have here x)

Thanks for sharing and explaining the "bubbling" process!

Thank for sharing. P/s: Upvoted and followed you!

This looks like candy :D