House Hunting Adventures: The LightHouse Tour Part 1

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We saw two places yesterday and this was by far the coolest. It was one of those places were you look at it and know it's going to be awesome. The whole building you see is for rent including the unfinished bits at the top, but it breaks up into three apartments, two of them with two bedrooms and one studio apartment. We've got a feeling this place will be rented to some friends, but they're likely to rent out the other sections to the right people.

That unfinished tower is probably one of the best parts of the property, once this place is finished it's going to be AMAZING.

Enough room for three cars in the garage.

Up on a hill so there's of course going to be some great views.

The garage is currently filled with stuff but it'll be cleaned out by the owners in the event the place is rented.

These view shots are just taken from the walkway going up the property to the first apartment!

This is the laundry room of one of the bigger places. They actually showed us the two apartments higher up before showing us the orange one you see in the first photo. That orange one is the studio and the bigger apartments are up top.

One of the kitchens, large but empty of appliances which is actually pretty common here. Many of the houses for rent are literally completely empty.

Plenty of room in the kitchen though.

With a nice built in pantry.

The living space of the more finished larger apartment.

Nice built in shelving, I like the attention to detail.

Cute little odd shaped bathroom for the apartment.

Here's a bedroom.

With Built in Closet Space.

These two shots are of the other bedroom. This apartment is the most finished even featuring air conditioning although the location of the house on the mountain will make it so not much is needed.

Nice outdoor chill area.

The view down from that outdoor area.

There are two more posts to come from this property, stay tuned. We will be viewing more properties soon to help our friends find places and will keep posting these posts to give people an idea of what's available and possible here.

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