Model Railroad Lumber Mill

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Here’s some more pictures of my friends model railroad that I took. This is an old lumber mill from around the time diesel locomotives were just starting to displace steam locomotives.

The interesting structure to the right of the lumber mill is called a wigwam sawdust burner. I had seen some of these type structures when driving around here and didn’t know what they were. When I saw it on the model railroad I had to look it up.

Apparently the earliest lumber mills just got rid of the sawdust by burning it in giant piles. This caused a lot of pollution so they were made to burn the sawdust in these structures to reduce it. The top has a mesh to prevent the embers from getting out and spreading a fire.

Modern lumber mills use the sawdust for a variety of wood products and burners like this are all but phased out in most places.

Model railroad lumber mill – click for viewing full screen

Here’s a view with the top removed so you can see all the details inside the lumber mill:

Model railroad lumber mill view of details inside – click for viewing full screen

These old lumber mills were very interesting in their operation. There is a lot of information out there about them if you do a search. I got interested in them and found out a lot about how they were operated with steam power after looking at these models.

These model railroads are a lot of fun to photograph. I would like to go back and do some more detailed photography, perhaps with some different lighting effects. You can see how a lot of movies could be made by zooming in through a detailed model like this to set the feeling of the scene.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Text and graphics copyright 10/25/2018 lightsplasher & litesplasher.


That is valuable post and great writing. the amazing wood products building. very looking photography.
Thanks @lightsplasher
Have a great day

Thanks, the model did look pretty nice, it was very detailed.

Very good photography post it is. Love u buddy.
Budy feels free visit my blogg. Im eagerly need ur help

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your profile says ur in the US
but had I not read that I would have thought we've been in the same event I've recently gone to for the love of model trains

chu chu!

These model railroads are really fun to see and take photographs of. My friends setup didn't look very portable though. It took up a large part of his garage.

oh wow just there :D
how does he get to play it

Your friend does a really good job with his scenery. That sawmill building looks really good.
Sawmills and logging trains seem to be one of the favorite themes for a lot of model railroaders. You can really add a lot of detail to the scenery, and it's an interesting period in the history of logging and lumber production.

Yes, I was really impressed by his work. There are a lot of older car models and buildings that look nice too. It is a fun time period in history to make a model of. At least in this country a lot of the railroads seem to be in a decline in use more recently.

Yes, there just isn't very many branch lines in use these days. It's all mainline railroading now, container trains and bulk commodity trains moving cross country, very little in the way of local train traffic. Apparently, it's just no longer cost effective for the railroads to do local runs like they had 50 years ago.

Hello Lightsplasher,
Wow ... Stunning detail! Quite amazing, do you do this sort of work professionally?
        Thank you also for your support on my Earth & Space news - really appreciated!

Upvoted and resteemed - Keep well :D

Thank you! These are some pictures I took of my friends model railroad. I just do photography and occasionally some 3D modeling work. It is interesting how 3D modeling kind of reminds me of doing this type of railroad modeling.

He really did a great job on the details, the photographs were really fun to take.

hello my friend @lightsplasher is this factory a real factory, because i see it like a work of art that is very beautiful, because i see like there is a lightning strike in the part of the train. but I admit this is a very extraordinary photography my friend @lightsplasher I really like the work of your friends.

It does look very real but it is a model replica of an old factory. The details were really fun to look at.

Hello my love, ho are you, ☺

It is very effective to switch from diesel to steam to reduce @lightsplasher air pollution, hopefully your posts will be an inspiration for those who have a wood factory

It depends on how steam is made whether it will reduce pollution. Using coal or wood burning to produce steam makes a lot of air pollution. Steam can be made from geothermal or parabolic mirrors reflecting solar rays too and reduce the air pollution that way.

Hi. My dear friend @lightplasher . How are you. Very nice clicked and awesome photography. Really I love your post. Thank you for sharing with us. keep it up

Howdy there lightsplasher! Say, this thing is amazing. I mean if you didn't know it was a model you'd think it was the real thing! The details are astounding, like that little steam engine to power the blades. How in the world did he do that? lol.
Great post.

Yes, it just amazed me too. Somehow the photos even made it look more realistic than being there in person. Perhaps it just gives you that ability to take a different view of it away from the surroundings that put a scale on the model. He did wonderful job making it.

yes, maybe he'll do more big buildings so you can do more posts on his work!

I actually have a bunch more photos of some of the other buildings and details. Some of the photos didn't come out as well as I would have liked though. Part of the model is not completely finished but there is a little town and station that are mostly complete. I'll post more pictures when I get a chance.

Hello dear, how are you, are you okay ,, what about your family is okay ... I'm worried because here again the sick season, brotherly greetings, and sweet greetings ,,

Hi dear, everyone is fine here and feeling healthy. Greeting back, I hope you have a nice weekend. :)

he.he.he I really worry about you dear ... it's been a long time since you didn't, posting it ... I thought you were less healthy ... thank God if you were okay dear @lightsplasher

Thank you for your concern my friend. I have been doing much better recently. It is always a bit hard for me to post consistently for a variety of reasons, but no worries.

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I would be a happy boy if I had seen that during my childhood years @lightsplasher because I like small toys. But that miniature saw mill model is really painstakingly done with great results.

I think it is fun to see at any age but I agree with you about how it would be a real thrill to me too as a child in my younger days.

.hi, my friend i really like this post, a very unique wood factory, thank you my friend for showing something very antique and unique


very beautiful photo,
I love watching cowboy movies that use classic trains for their movie scenes.
thank you @lightsplasher for sharing.
hopefully your day is always fun and lucky.

I like riding on the old steam locomotive driven trains. There are not that many opportunities to do so any more. I remember being on a steam train with I was very young that ran out of water. We ended up waiting a long time and had to get pulled by a different diesel engine. I think it might have been one of the last runs of the Big Boy engine going towards Wyoming. It has been too long to remember for sure and most people that might remember have passed on now.

Looks like a new wood factory, it turns out the factory is old, but around the factory is very clean, and the wood trees are beautiful,

And the railroad is also very intact, is the railroad close to the wood factory ...
If it's close it's kind of scary, my love @lightsplasher and @litesplasher

It is very realistic looking from close camera angles. With a little blue light effect it could look fun for Halloween or something.

Yes, my dear, unfortunately I really like it, and it looks very beautiful, so it is my favorite, (how are you dear)

I find these very interesting and your friend really has a nice setup! I cannot tell you how many hours upon hours I spent mesmerized by these little toys, although, I hesitate to call them toys.

Everything in these is a piece of history and so real looking! I have learned so much when researching them to help put them together!

My dad was a Model Train aficionado and so we spent a good part of our childhood watching, helping and being fascinated by this hobby. I actually still find most parts of it totally intriguing, where the solder starts and designing and putting together the structures, to laying track.

Thank you for giving such a detailed history of his! I do love his setup!! I can see why you are thinking about your own!


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Very good post

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really like the details of all that! very cool!

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