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I’ve been getting into Disk Golf recently after playing on some of the courses in Colorado. It is a nice way to get out in nature and have fun with friends. As a beginner I have noticed that it is pretty easy to miss the fairway and spend lots of time looking for disks and getting them out of trees. It is all part of the fun.

Here’s some pictures taken at the start of a disk golf course in Boulder Colorado. The prairie dogs have their town located very close to the course and there were fences and gates on the course to keep them from taking over the park. These prairie dogs are fun to watch.

coloDiskgolfBl1 .jpg
Prairie dogs at Boulder, Colorado disk golf course – click for viewing full screen

coloDiskgolfBl2 .jpg
Tree and bathroom at Boulder, Colorado disk golf course – click for viewing full screen

coloDiskgolfBl3 .jpg
View towards foothills at Boulder, Colorado disk golf course – click for viewing full screen

Here’s a few pictures of another course in Longmont, Colorado. There is a hawk on the telephone pole that was watching us play.

coloDiskgolfBl3 .jpg
Longmont, Colorado disk golf course – click for viewing full screen

This was a nice long throw off the top of a little hill towards the tee. The sunset was looking very grand and the disks sailed off gracefully into the tall grass. There wasn’t a fairway per say, unless you count some intermittent bare patches and trails where the weeds and grass were not growing.

Luckily I keep a pretty good eye on where my disk landed and recovered it easily. It was not so easy to find my son’s disk which had some conflicting reports on its landing location. At one point there were four of us wandering around looking for it and getting pricked by the taller weeds. We eventually found the disk before the sun went down but that kind of ended things for that evening.

coloDiskgolfBl3 .jpg
Sunset at Longmont, Colorado disk golf course – click for viewing full screen

It was such fun that I got really interested in playing disk golf more and purchased a few disks. Maybe they weren’t the best choices for a beginner but they felt good in my hand. I want to get a few more that are easier to throw too. Here’s a screen capture of my UDisk application on my phone that shows which disks I have. I like to use this application to find courses and track scores.

There were a lot of good disk golf courses in the area and it was fun to play different ones around the country. My son even aced a basket on another course in Boulder.

disks .jpg
Disk golf UDisk – click for viewing full screen

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+.

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What a beauty shot

Look like the doors to another world. Regards


Sometimes the sunsets do look like the doors to some other place. The sun goes down but it always comes back up again.

Honestly my brother really likes to enjoy photography about brother @lightsplasher, all the photography looks very clear and bright in the picture, hopefully this brother will be more successful.Screenshot_2018-08-16-00-40-32-774_com.android.chrome.png


Thank you, I always value your feedback. Hopefully there will be wonderful success for everyone.


Thank you brother, sorry I just saw him brother, I hope we all become successful.

Wow! such a wonderful photography D :) friend @lightplasher . Really your photography is awesome. I love your post. Thank you for sharing with us " Best of luck.

Photography is really beautiful,seen some nature that is very charming,@lightsplasher


Thanks, I like taking pictures it does remind me of how nature is so beautiful.

Thnks for staying with me. Always try to visit us. Im really great full if you do


This one is really awesome

salute Samsung S9+ Camera shot

Hello brother how are you. Hope u okay feel free visit my pictres. I have uploaded lots of wedding collections


Thank you, I liked that one too it shows the mountains well. I do like you wedding photography too, the styles are very unusual and you capture the emotions well.


Tnx for the compliment. I

Very nice photography dearest friend.
I am now big fan of you.
I will be glad if you see my posts

Very cool. I have never played it, but I have seen people doing it around here. I think anything that gets us outdoors is a good thing. Glad you found a way to have fun with your son. Building memories is what it is all about!!


Building memories is really a wonderful thing to do. I try to spend each moment as best I can. I didn't think I could play this game actually - I have a lot of issues with throwing things in particular in my right shoulder. I never could throw well with that arm even as a kid. I throw backhand with my left arm and forehand with the right arm and that seems to work okay but I don't have a lot of power with either throw. It is fun just to get out there in any case, you should try it.

The golf park is very beautiful i really like it. I like to play golf in a beautiful park like this because we can play while enjoying this beautiful view.

It seems to be a very fresh place to unwind and play that game that I am sure that you enjoyed @lightsplasher because of the prestine skies and large open land.
The prairie dog seems to thrive there, I wonder what is their diet consist of?


I've been really into disk golf lately and have been playing almost every day for a while. There is a course near my house that it pretty easy for beginners.

Prairie dogs are herbivorous and eat plants. They are pretty cute and talk to each other to warn of dangers.


It is a good thing that you have something to enjoy doing @lightsplasher and as for myself it is just getting boring with nothing to do except being with my laptop. because I have a limited mobility with still a pain issues and facial bone growth. I am just trying to keep my mind off it and try to manage the situation, earn money so that I can sustain my medical needs.


hello my dear friend how are you, are you okay

Very beautiful photos, it would have been nice to play there.
thank you @lightsplasher, for sharing beautiful stories and content.
I hope your day is always fun.
Regards @longberry


This is a beautiful place that I will build a cottage.

spending time with friends is really a very pleasant thing, what's more in a field filled with green grass makes our souls calm.

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I like to find some ways that are enjoyable to be in nature and don't cost too much.

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Hi, my friend @lightsplasher how are you? Are friends okay.

Very happy to be able to play Disk Golf with your beloved friends. Surely playing with friends makes the heart cheerful and happy. Samsung Galaxy S9 + always gives and produces very good photos. I really like @lightsplasher dear friend.


It is always fun to get out in nature and do things with friends, especially if it doesn't cost much.

Very good smartphone photography . brilliant shot dear brother.
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Nice blog.

Amazing photography and very nice clicked. Thank you for sharing with us " Best of luck. I love your post.

Awesome photography and very nice shot. Really your photography is awesome. I love your post. Thank you for sharing with us

Wow very beautiful photography and nice look.
Thanks @lightsplasher
have a great day

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