Butterflies and Earth Changes

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This is the third large butterfly like this that I have seen, (or at least noticed) this season. I’m not sure what kind it is but it is pretty big butterfly. I think that usually these kinds of butterflies like the bramble bushes, milkweeds and cattails but I'm not sure specifically what this one likes.

Most of that has been recently removed on the bike paths by the city workers. It has been largely mowed down now on all the walking paths that I usually walk on.

Bramble bushes do become what most consider a ‘noxious weed’ around here and form a thick hedge if left to their own. They are hard to control and most people remove this type of vegetation from their yards. I have blackberries in my backyard but I spend a lot of time keeping them trimmed so they don’t spread to the neighbors.

Butterfly – click for viewing full screen

Some of these butterflies like tomato plants and other cultivated crops. I don’t know if that is the case for this type.

The first two butterflies like this that I saw this season may have been hit by my car – there was no way to slow down fast enough. I don’t think that they made it but I hope they did. They were flying along close to each other.

Butterfly side view – click for viewing full screen

I really like the colors in the wings and tail of this butterfly. I like to think of things I can do that would be of help for it to survive.

As I recall there were many more butterflies and insects around when I was growing up. Sometimes you could not even see out of the car windows if you did not clean them each time you filled up with gas.

Butterfly side view two – click for viewing full screen

Earth Changes

So much is happening now that it is no wonder that there are less butterflies and insects around here to see. The earth is changing.

This summer could get very hot and disrupt the harvest. (It is not my personal garden harvest that I’m most concerned about, lol)

The oceans are producing less oxygen for a variety of reasons while the carbon dioxide level continues to rise. Fresh water is melting off Greenland glaciers and disrupting the North Atlantic ocean currents. The flow rate of this overturning ocean current has been reduced by a very large amount, (something like three times the rate of the water flowing in all the earths rivers?).

I’ve heard that strange things are happening to the jet stream winds because there is less difference in temperature between the equator and poles. This is changing the storm patterns and causes flooding in some areas and droughts in others.

There has been increases in volcanic activity and quakes. This could be in part from changes in the global average temperature. Water weighs a lot and when it melts from glaciers it redistributes the weight into other areas causing the sea level to rise and the plates the continents ride on to move around more (some land areas get less of a load on them from the melting of the glacier ice). Estimates of how much water has melted from Greenland and Antarctica are enormous. Increasing seismic activity could also be caused from really big hurricanes because they move large amount of ocean water around as they travel over the ocean.

The ozone layer appears to be thinning in patches now and letting in increasing amounts of UVB light which is hazardous to plant and animal life. I’ve head that increasing amounts of chlorofluorocarbons were detected being released into the atmosphere recently. These chemicals were banned years ago because of the danger to the ozone layer, see more info on: ozone hole forming chemicals. The increasing UVB light could be harming the oceans phytoplankton which produce large amounts of the oxygen that we need to breathe.

Deforestation, reduced ocean biomass, etc., etc. the list could go on and on.

I’m not sure what all these changes will do but it does give me an uneasy feeling. I’ve been trying to learn all I can about it but it is hard to get all the facts straight, please forgive me if any of this information in not fully accurate.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+.


hi, brother @lightplasher how are you wishing you stay healthy, sorry i'm a bit late, i really like to see this butterfly, and also look its color so Beautiful, maybe you also know i like about binatnag like this, and i am very touched by the shape this butterfly is so beautiful its form, thank you relatives have shared the things I like about photography,


Hi, thank you! I was very happy to be able to get a photograph. I'm glad you liked the shape of the butterfly, I too think it is shaped nicely.

Same brother, Iya is indeed very good shape and color butterflies it but that I have never seen in my country brother, oh yea brother you can see photography dragonfly me

What a unique color of this butterfly, I really like the unique and I have not been able to capture a single butterfly as long as I have a hobby of photography. thank you for sharing the beautiful. I love it.

Thank you, it is not often that I see these types of butterflies. Carrying a camera with me all the time does help to get more photos - I'm really enjoying having a good phone camera.

You are welcome brother. Maybe I should learn a lot from you. always bring a camera wherever we go it is a very good idea.

Drastic changes are definitely taking place, I fear for the next generation. I hope we can salvage some of this.

It is tough to witness all the changes. Positive things are definitely happening as well, but it seems to be very slow to change and the outcome is very unpredictable imho.

At first glance I thought it was a scarce swallowtail, but you don't have those in the USA, and there are a few differences in the markings. Maybe a tiger swallowtail?

Anyway: butterflies are having similar problems in Europe. No good will come of this.

I'm thinking that it might be a Western Tiger Swallowtail but I'm far from an expert in identifying butterflies. It is fun learning more about them.

Something seems to be tough on butterflies and other things, I do hope it turns around soon.

butterfly is very beautiful, I really like the butterfly. what is the connection between butterflies with the depletion of the ozone layer ??

The depletion of the ozone layer increases the UV light hitting the earth and this light harms the animals and plants. Many things are indirectly related. Increasing UV light is probably part of the reason for a decrease in oxygen production from the ocean. Increasing UV coupled with high temperatures can lead to loss of butterfly habitat.

I think this butterfly is a very rare butterfly in my place, because I have never seen a butterfly like this .. ,, I really like this Butterfly .. I wish there was free time coming to my blog @ marcosteem to see my posts. I hope that happens

Thank you, I like this butterfly too and was very happy to get some photos. It looks like your a nature lover and have some nice macro photos on your blog.

thank you for looking at my blog kawan.saya very happy to be friends with you. I hope you can follow me and we can be a close friend. I have followed you friend. Because I like someone like your nature lover

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thank you for looking at my friend's blog. I am very happy to be friends with you. I hope you can follow me and we can be close friends. I have followed you friend. Because I like someone like your nature lover

hi brother @lightsplasher this is the post that last night i wrote in my phothography but now just ready for a bit busy in paddy field, if you are not busy now try saudar see my new phothography, i am glad you see this phothography thank you brother

Wow Beautiful Butterflies. That is excellent photography and nice work
Thanks @lightsplasher
Have a great day

Hi, thank you, have a great day too. :)

The color on your butterfly reminded me of the moth from the other day!

Yes its sad that mankind, even when we know something obvious, we have a great ability to disregard scientific facts.

There are so many interesting variations of color and patterns on moths and butterflies they are fun to see.

We are changing but it does take a while for people to think differently about things. I do hope that things can adapt fast enough for all the big changes that are happening.

Oh I remember when I was a kid NOTHING was recycled. They would hold newpaper drives where they would recycle that for a church or something. Can you imagine all the glass and metal that was dumped week after week and year after year. Plus the Detroit River was so polluted it had foam that looked like you could walk on it! So yeah things have changed and people are more aware.

I believe maybe using sunlight to power splitting seawater to hydrogen may prove to be an option.

I think we are really close to a break through in using hydrogen. I know people have been saying this for years but there are some very exciting things happening now. I would really love to convert 'Mr. Piggles' my SUV tow vehicle to run on hydrogen.

I've heard that a company is close to getting a system to market where you could create hydrogen at home and use it to power your car. It would be stored in a liquid form that could be sold in current gas station technology. It sounds exciting. I read an article about it that I might post more about if I can find it again.

That sounds very interesting. The cool thing about hydrogen of course is it is so abundant. The splitting is not hard. I have done it at home with a phone charger. The devil in the details was always the storage coz the atom of hydrogen is so small it can leak from anything. An example is how those metallic balloons leak helium over time.

I remember so much talk and so much promise about fuel cells back in the 90's. I hope we can see mass adoption before too long.

a butterfly is very beautiful, I really like see at the shape and colour of this beautiful butterfly. looks very good

Thank you, I was glad to be able to get some photographs of it. It is always fun to share stuff like this.

I recently took pictures of one of these butterflies myself. It was feeding on the nectar of the flowers on some kind of bush.These butterflies are not uncommon in the upper great lakes region where I live, but I don't see as many as I used to. I'm not sure what kind of plants their caterpillars feed on, hopefully not tomato plants. :-)
I think the warming of the oceans in the far northern and southern lattitudes has as much to do with the loss of plankton as anything else, but I do think that the increase in UV rays is affecting plant life in a not so good way.

I remember seeing some really big worms when I lived in the Midwest, that would munch on an entire tomato plant if you didn't remove them. I have not seen any of those so far in the Pacific Northwest. There are other things that make tomato growing hard around here though.

There is always a bit of a compromise when you love both tomatoes and the worms that change into butterflies.

UV rays are really tough on people too. My friend just had a skin cancer removed yesterday.

for this type of butterfly is already rarely met because the population has been slightly reduced because of the act of humans who always hunt this butterfly to be used as decoration. let us both keep the butterfly population so as not to quickly become extinct.!!

Interesting point. Scarcity makes some people hunt things because they can sell them for more. It is a basic supply and demand kind of thing that leads towards species extinction. At a certain point people are willing to do most anything if they need to feed their family and they can sell something they catch for a lot of money.

Maybe we can do a 'cryptobutterflies' kind of game where people can trade around and breed rare butterfly tokens, lol. I do think that what we are involved in can be helpful to the environment and economy once more people are able to make a good living from things like blogging, investing, gaming, or mining coins.

Thanks for your support brother...

the current population of butterflies is very little because many people who make butterflies as decoration. really very unfortunate !!

Hi my friend after I read your post Just now I think about climate change right now, in our country Indonesia experiencing climate change very different from year of year ago, badahal in our country if this month we usually get rainfall which is very fortunate the farmers, tetapaih now we are even the summer is very troublesome the community, so from there I was thinking about the discussion of my friend in the post, I became very confident with the discussion of my friend in the post was thank you


Thanks my friend, I believe the more we can talk and discuss the issues around climate change the better the outcome maybe. It is hard to think about the issue too much though.

I really like this butterfly and with the color in the wings or the butterfly tail is very beautiful and interesting. If we measure it! what is the size of this butterfly friend @lightsplasher .. ??

You got me interested in looking it up. It seems like it might be a: Western Tiger Swallowtail. This butterfly has a size of 2.75 to 4 inches and that seems about right for what I photographed.

wow this butterflies are very beautiful.
and I just saw butterflies that like having a tail.
thank you for sharing @lightsplasher.
the information you share about climate change is very true.
a year ago I watched a documentary film about global warming, created by leonardo dicaprio.
in visiting many places on earth as a global warning ambassador, formed by the UN, the film is very real and the impact has also occurred. very terrible.
greeting @longberry

Thank you, yes, I was really impressed when I saw the butterfly and it was nice to be able to take some pictures of it. I do hope that we can work out all the climate change issues.

butterfly butterflies are very beautiful me, just this time saw butterflies like this is a bad but in our country indonesia many butterfly but i have never seen this butterfly butterfly has a tail, thanks my friend for having seen something that has never been I see it at all


Nice work on the butterfly picture, I like the added flowers. Thanks my friend.

hai, sobat @lightsplasher, saya sangat suka dengan kupu-kupu sobat posting itu, karena kupu-kupu ini memiliki bentuk yang sangat indah.

Hi, thank you. I think the shape is very nice too. I'm glad I was able to get a photo of it.

hi, my dear friend @lightsplasher how are you, i am so amazed to see this butterfly, and i am very touched by this butterfly shape, i saw this butterfly, remembering me as a child when playing kites because of butterflies it has the exact shape of the kite I made.

Thats nice, the shape does remind me of a kite. I have fond memories of flying kites.

hi my friend how are you today buddy,? what are you okay, hopefully you are fine my friend, oh yes my friend i sent ka my photography today hopefully my friend liked his thanks


butterflies are very beautiful views

beautiful butterflies

Wow. wow. Very good butterfly @lightsplasher.

Wow excellent post my dear @lightsplasher how are you....?

Very unique and colorful butterfly, great photography and very wonderful, I have upvote and resteem your post to more than 2800 my followers, thank you very much for your sharing to us, success always for you brother @lightsplasher

photography is a very nice friend @lightsplasher, I really like the way my friend took a picture of this very beautiful butterfly.

a very interesting post once, butterflies are the most beautiful animals in this world thanks for sharing my friend @Lightsplasher

Really very well photography
My Dear steemit friend(( lightsplasher ))
Many many thank

wow ,, amazing ppstingan its @lightsplaser I do not know how

waw,,, this is a very big butterfly, only this time I saw something like this

Beutiful butterfly brother @lightsplasher.

That's well description indeed adorable butterfly images. Environment has most impressive changes. Above butterfly nicely showing to other with green color background. Just excellent @lightsplasher.

wow ,, amazing postingan you @lightsplaser how is it? with beautiful butterflies very nice

this butterfly I have never seen before, I am really new I saw in my friend @lightsplasher, I've met many butterflies but I have never met this type of butterfly, whether this butterfly lives in a special area.

photography is very nice friend @lightsplasher

Hi my friend after I read your post Just now I think about climate change right now, in our country Indonesia experiencing climate change very different from year of year ago, badahal in our country if this month we usually get rainfall which is very fortunate the farmers, tetapaih now we are even the summer is very troublesome the community, so from there I was thinking about the discussion of my friend in the post, I became very confident with the discussion of my friend in the post was thank you


Hi my friend after I read your post Just now I think about climate change right now, in our country Indonesia experiencing climate change very different from year of year ago, badahal in our country if this month we usually get rainfall which is very fortunate the farmers, tetapaih now we are even the summer is very troublesome the community, so from there I was thinking about the discussion of my friend in the post, I became very confident with the discussion of my friend in the post was thank you


Hello my brother is happy now how about you brothers also happy, oh yes you have seen about my new photography hope you can see her

butterflies are very pretty and charming @lightsplasher I really like it. but I also do not know what kind of butterfly is her name! because I see its size is so big.

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Wow beautiful butterfly
Nice photography
Good job dear @lightsplasher
Upvote and resteem
Dear if you have time, please visit my blog

This is the greatest butterfly I've ever seen, really beautiful

This is the greatest
Butterfly I've ever seen,
Really beautiful

                 - noval25

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this is a very beautiful flower @lightsplasher.
thank you for your beautiful article.

That's really smartphonephotography @lightsplasher

Greetings from North Idaho. Last week I happened to be in a feed store in Spokane Washington and saw these laminated brochures at the checkout stand. One of these were on butterflies in the pacific Northwest. I picked one up because we have so many species of butterflies around our place that I wanted to know them better. (photos and text was by David G James).

These excellent photographs seem to match best with on called Old World Swallowtail. There are 4 other Swallowtails listed, but this one seems to match best. It is listed as Oregon State Insect.

Very beautiful

Really butterflies photography @lightsplasher

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