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RE: My Edmonton: No rest for the wicked, a showcase of my adopted hometown

in #photography2 years ago

Edmonton or Edmundston? Because those are 2 different towns in 2 complete ends of Canada. Edmundston is a small town in New-Brunswick. I'm glad you like my story and photo's!! Edmonton has a lot to offer professionally and for leisure, hard not to fall in love. The people are so wonderful and interesting, it's a good vibe out here.

I don't blame you on the snow thing, we don't like it that much either, we keep trying to give it away but nobody wants it!! hehe. Honestly tho, it doesn't snow much here ( maybe 1 foot or 2 all winter)but it can get really cold. Thanks for stopping by with your kind words of support and the tip! xox


Definitely Edmonton! I am sorry if I spelled it wrong! :)

Does nobody want that snow? Have you called Puerto Rico in July (If it snows there some time!) It is over 100F at that time! :)

I do love your photos!!! What is not to love??? I needed to follow you, so I don't miss much!


Haha no worries about spelling it wrong! I just didn't want anyone looking in the wrong town for all this stuff. Funny thing tho is I was born in the other Edmundston have some family there.

We called everyone, no takers! thanks for the follow!

They have no sense of humor, that is all! :)

Haha I agree!! It's not like they have to keep it forever. Sharing is caring! 😂😂.

My thoughts exactly. That is what my mother always taught me. :)

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