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Hey steemies!

After voting like a drunken sailor and draining too much of my vote power, I vowed that I would hit the steemit rehab to get over my up-vote addiction, turns out there is no such thing and I'm on my own with this one. 😧 😱
I tried to stay away but I experienced a moment of weakness while exploring the 4 corners of this amazing blockchain we call steemit. Just can't stay away eh ladybug! Nope. During my search I came across a great story by @keithboone that led me down a rabbit hole that led me to a @derangedvisions post about showcasing our home town, I just had to indulge. I encourage everyone to participate. This is the contest in question and the rules of participation:

This is my Entry.

I moved to Edmonton Alberta from eastern Canada in 2006 or 13 years ago. Well realistically, I didn't have much for belongings being 21 years old and got a one way ticket because I didn't really know how long I wanted to stay and needed a change. I packed my suitcase, got the first cheap ticket out of town and away I went. Turns out I fell in love with this city and never left. Before I left the east coast and the Appalachians, all of my peers thought I was nuts and it could only end in epic failure, surely I would be back in no wonder I needed to get away! I found new opportunities that I could never even imagine for myself and this was possibly the smartest decision I ever made. I often say "fortune favors the bold" and this is precisely why.

old museum of alberta grounds.jpg
On the grounds of the old Royal Alberta Museum located on 9810 103a Ave NW, Edmonton. The museum has moved to it's new bigger location but the ground remains a public park with various arts and sculptures from different cultures.

old Royal museum of alberta.jpg

Along with the new career opportunities, this province came with an absolutely breathtaking landscape just about everywhere I looked, why I eventually took on photography as a hobby so I could immortalize my experiences. Over the years, I had a chance to be a tourist in my own city that never sleeps. Edmonton is a cultural mish-mash of everyone in the world with similar goals of having a successful fresh start. It has something for everyone, weather you like the outdoors or festivals, from concerts to art & history museums, every special exhibition wants to leave their footprint in our young cultural city.

old Royal museum of alberta (1).jpg
Indigenous Totem pole, also displayed at the Glenora Building aka the old museum grounds.

At first glance, Edmonton doesn't look like much, A few tall buildings that stands out of the extremely flatlands of the Canadian Prairies always under construction but here, it's all about the experience. Don't knock it till you try it. Some of the things that are beginning to put us on the world stage as a travel destination is none other than our variety of festivals, food culture including various food trucks, unique restaurants & pubs, craft beer & spirits and the fact that we once had the largest shopping mall in the world until we got knocked off our throne by Dubai. Thanks a lot eh!!


All kidding aside, West Edmonton Mall is still a pretty popular destination loved by most visitors with it's amusement park & roller coaster, theaters, comedy club, water park, skating rink, fantasy land hotel, mid day Sea Lion demonstrations and various other attractions. When I say this place has everything under the sun, it really does! If you are a man, don't worry, while the wife shops, you might like an afternoon stay on Bourbon Street (still inside the mall), where many pubs and fine eats to keep you entertained including a Hooters pub can be found...just don't tell her until she feels guilty for spending all your vacation cash, then she can't give you too much grief!!

Heritage Fest.jpg
UNESCO Heritage Fest. First picture is a group of Celtic dancers, second picture is a Chilean couple.

Heritage Fest (1).jpg
Can't display Heritage Fest without the local culture, first Picture is an Indigenous songwriter/musician in Regalia, second picture is two lovely Portuguese ladies wearing their traditional dresses.

thailand heritage fest.jpg
Thailand flower arrangement entirely carved out of various fruits.

All summer long, the city is buzzing both during the day and night with various festivals for everybody. from Hawrelak Park, downtown Edmonton, Whyte Ave (82nd) there is no shortage of entertainment. The most iconic is by far K-days (formerly Klondike days), a grand demonstration of the Edmonton spirit. It does come at a cost for general admission but if you plan on attending a few days, there are passes available to last for the entire duration that can be quite economical in the end. Of course you can find the usual carnival attractions and rides will cost you another pretty penny but there are plenty to do that doesn't cost extra like concerts from various well known North - American artist along with lesser known local Talent. On the ground, plenty of local crafts can be bought at the Expo center on the former Northlands ground. Various showrooms also display a plethora of activities like petting zoo, wildlife conservation experts and their trained friends, one of the biggest Pow-wow in the west that brings together many Indigenous dancers and drummers from across the western provinces and territories to compete dressed in their territory's traditional Regalia (the traditional outfits).

K-days (2).jpg
Klondike Days carnival.

k-days (1).jpg

Other noteworthy and well know festivals include the UNESCO recognized Heritage Fest, the largest outdoor multi cultural festival in the world with over 100 countries and counting that make up the fabric of Edmonton are displayed with food, art & crafts, traditional dances and shows. Heritage Fest is free to attend but they do encourage cash, unused food tickets and non perishable food donations at the entrance for the Edmonton food bank to help those in difficult circumstances. Whyte Ave's Fringe festival, another internationally known and locally anticipated theater festival welcomes many artists and enthusiasts ready to entertain a public of all ages. While you are on Whyte, why not walk around to the back alleys and view the various murals painted by both local and international muralists, some of them are pretty impressive. This is just the tip of the iceberg, I really can't name them all or we'll be here all day!

Mural depicting a backstage scene by local muralist Jill Stanton, located near the theaters where the fringe festival is held, Old Strathcona. Shot 1/250 sec. f/8 46 mm, ISO 180

firedepartment memorial.jpg
Firefighter memorial located near the same area, Edmonton's very first fire station, Old Strathcona.

Various attractions can be found in the heart of our city like the Edmonton Valley zoo where you can check up on the controversial Lucie the Asian Elephant and ensure that she is being treated like family, just don't pull any Bob Barker shenanigans. Other famous residents include a family of Red Panda's, A pair of Arctic Wolves, Siberian Tigers, Camels. You can always see what Santa's crew is up to... the Reindeers. Once again, just the tip of the Iceberg of zoo residents. Muttart Conservatory has 4 acclimatized glass pyramids that displays a large collection of plants from 3 different climates and the fourth, the feature pyramid, has special exhibitions and evening events along with a large outdoor garden with an incredible view of our downtown landscape. Come learn about our Aviation history and the important role Edmonton played in early access ad supply delivery to the northern territories as well as allied war efforts during WW1 & WW2 at the Edmonton Aviation Museum. History from the fur trade and the early settlements at Fort Edmonton always jammed packed with family fun and learning activities.

Lucie on one of her free walks (no fencing or enclosure, just loose in the zoo, she is well mannered and calm) with her caretakers where she gets exercise and spend time with her guests, from the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

letters from europe.jpg
Letters from Europe exhibition, Muttart Conservatory.

muttart (1).jpg
Muttart Coservatory. Shot 1/125 sec. f/5.6 116 mm, ISO 900

Need a break from all the touristy madness? Since we are the provincial capital, we have the Legislative Assembly where a series of fountains and wading pool sit on the public grounds well manicured with flowers during the summer with plenty of pathways to explore or just bring a blanket and have a pic-nic and chill. The pathways also lead to our river valley where a series of parks and trails to enjoy a nature walk or book an afternoon on the River Boat. Along the river, small wildlife and water fowls are often spotted, keep an eye out for Beavers!

Legislative Assembly grounds & garden.

Legislative assembly grounds & garden all lit up.

Big beaver, Hermitage Park. Shot 1/250 sec. f/5 185 mm, ISO 560

Need bigger action? Commonwealth stadium(home of the Edmonton Eskimos CFL team) and Roger's Place (home of the Oilers, NHL & legend #99 Wayne Gretsky) are perfect venues to catch a sports game or various rock shows and concerts from some of the most famous in the world like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, Foo Fighters, Amon Amarth, Gojira, ACDC (just to list a few) put on epic shows and definitely go all out each time they visit. Advance purchase of tickets is required for these, they tend to sell out pretty fast. Various music festival and other venues like local pubs and the Jubilee auditorium or the former Shaw Conference center newly renamed Convention Center are also smaller venues with plenty of music action and famous comedians. All of the above mentioned thus far is easy access via our public transit system no need for a vehicle and is probably more convenient than looking for overpriced parking(except for the aviation museum). Find an LRT station (city train) that offer free park&ride and be on your merry way.

Iron Maiden (2).jpg
Iron Maiden concert at Roger's Place, taken with iphone8

With vehicle access, the fun doesn't stop at the city limits. The outskirts are loaded with near by hidden gems and sanctuaries that are dedicated to preserving various eco-system or rare and endangered species like the Wood Buffalo and their more common cousin the Plain Bison can be found at Elk Island National Park just east of the city. Elk Island is also a dark sky preserve free of light pollution for the perfect place to go star gazing or watch meteor showers. South of the city located near Devon is the home of the U of A forested botanical garden including the Japanese Kurimoto garden and the newly constructed Aga Khan garden as part of friendship and cultural exchange programs. Don't miss the exotic butterfly house! Down the road from the garden also hides the Clifford E. Lee natural preserve where you can take a walk on the boardwalk along natural ponds, perfect for bird watching. Bring some seeds an you will soon find yourself with Chickadees feeding from your hand.

U of A.jpg
U of A forested botanical garden, Aga Khan exhibit. Shot 1/250 sec. f/8 26 mm, ISO 100

buterfly U of A (1).jpg
U of A butterfly house. Shot 1/640 sec. f/6.3 200 mm, ISO 800

As long as this post is, it really is just a short list of experience and attraction available and I know I'm still leaving out some worthy local destinations and various unique activities like axe throwing, paint ball war, panic rooms where you vent your frustrations and pay to trash the place with various tools of choice. Telus World of Science and their unique exhibitions. Edmonton is not all about first impressions but more so exploring what's on the inside!

Astotin Lake.jpg
The most coveted and photographed view of Elk Island National Park, Astotin Lake sunset.

plain bison.jpg
Plain Bison grazing at the park ranger's living quarters. Once the traditional food of the land, early settlers of western North America and the fur trade nearly wiped them out completely and Elk Island was founded specifically to preserve and grow the numbers of both the Plain & Wood Bison. The plain Bison has since recovered well and many get shipped to their ancestral lands as part of their re-introduction to the eco-system. The Wood Bison remains a species at Risk and can only be found in Elk Island and Wood Buffalo National Park. The plain bison is now farmed and we can enjoy the traditional foods, if you have a bison burger, it's a Plain Bison.

ice castle2.jpg
Edmonton Ice Castle located in Hawrelak Park. The only one in Canada and is a popular winter attraction from early January until mid March.

Mural located in the Ice District near Rogers Place. Part of the 2018 Rust Magic Mural festival painted by Spanish muralist duo PichiAvo.

Cheers! X🐞X


I was just arranging some photos from last year when I visited Canada. I spent some time in Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton and Banff) and hand an unforgettable time. I didn't get to explore downtown Edmonton as much. Only went to the gigantic mall with the pirate ship and indoor beach. What a spectacle!

This brought back some good memories.

We are in a rivalry with Calgary! we do not speak of that word I'm just being silly of course! Calgary is beautiful as well and just at Banff's doorstep. In all honesty all of Alberta is pretty special. Yes that pirate ship with the Sea Lions, that's West Edmonton Mall. Downtown Edmonton has quite a bit happening. We also have a young mayor that wants to turn our city into a tourism central and has done quite a bit to bring it closer to it's goal in uniqueness. I hope one day you get to experience more of Edmonton. Thanks for stopping by!

I enjoyed your tour. My favorite photo is of the Heritage Fest carnival swing and I got a kick out of Loose Lucie at the zoo. Well done.

Heritage fest is a fun and interesting festival to attend, it's quite the experience. About a third of the city generally attends in it's 2 day duration. Lucie on the loose is pretty cute. I'm glad she gets to enjoy so much freedom. Thank you for stopping by!

Amazing! I must go to Edmonton!

You should next time you visit your daughter! Just one province over 😁, we could go raid the LCS together!

Great idea! I sent her the link of your article and I am sure she will love it. She is a Permanent Resident now but she will be a Canadian soon.

You're too sweet!! Thanks for sharing! Congrats to her in advance :) it must be an exciting moment! How much longer does she have to wait? I'm not very familiar with that system.

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Great promotion of our city.
You're smart not to mention those long sub zero winter days, hehe.
Nice photos.

I was pretty sure the giant 3 million pounds of ice at the bottom did the talking on that point!! 😂😂 I'm probably still in denial about it because I have to work outside in it soon. 😭

I'm glad you enjoyed! We have a fun city, it was easy to get carried away on all the activities. So much more I wanted to include. Hey maybe we can attract a steemfest here one day.

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Congratulations, keep up the great work!

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I think we have all had periods where we go overboard with our voting I do it often myself LOL
I have never been to Edmonton, but now I want to after this greta post,, what a beautiful city and so much to see,

I would be har dpressed to list favorites of the photos in this post, but that Firefighter memorial is up there for sure

I'm glad I'm not the only one, I brought my power down to almost 65% by accident!! I feel bad about splitting my big penny vote under the current prices so I go full force on everyone.

This place is no NY but it's got soul. So many unique features when you look at all the little things. My uncle is a retired fire marshal for the city of Red Deer so I like and appreciate any memorabilia around the subject. The old station is now used for the saturday farmers market (the biggest one in the city). I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope you get to visit us one day. Thanks for stopping by!

I have done that and worse, one day for some reason my default vote switched to 100% without me noticing it, I was voting away and suddenly noticed I was down to 10% took so long to build it back up

NO place is NYC it is truly unique but I do believe every city has its own charms ;)

LMAO, that's too funny. That's one heck of a vote hang-over! You are absolutely right, every city has it's own special features no matter how big or small.

LOL Ohh yeah, I was voting away and then looked and saw my vote power so Low and I was how the heck did that happen I thought I had been hacked, but it was just my foolishness LOL

The only time it ever happened to me was after HF20, With one vote took away like 80% of my voting power, took forever to recover that!

Ohh yes I remember that happened to most of us

Awesome post, and thanks for the shout out! See what this contest is doing? You wanted to come to my town, now I want to come see yours. I've only been to Edmonton a couple of times and barely got off the highway. Next trip I have to spend time there. Love your photos, they're quite stunning! Voted & resteemed with pleasure :-)

You're welcome, your post was so amazing! I hope everyone participates, this contest is a great idea. Just one province over!! Since you will be making trips in the province now, new opportunities? It's still like a 4 hour drive from Calgary tho. I'm glad you enjoyed a virtual tour of Edmonton, thanks for stopping by!

I think it would take us a lot longer than that because we would travel through Banff and Jasper and I tend to stop a lot for photos! :-)

If you go thru the best road and stop here and there for a few minutes , about 8 hour + drive!! worth every second. The Parkway is the most beautiful piece of road. Don't do it in winter tho. Columbia icefield area is hit and miss for winter closures. It gets pretty nasty there at times. We do that every time we go to Banff or Kananaskis, we come back via Jasper just because we can😂 and we stop everywhere. If you like dinosaurs, the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller is worth checking out, this is close-ish to Calgary.

Yep, went to the Royal Tyrell last year when the forest fire smoke was at it's worst. Best museum I've ever visited! Been up the icefields parkway on another trip and it may just be the best scenery anywhere in Canada. (Don't tell that to someone from Nova Scotia, but yeah...) I believe I could make that trip over and over and never get bored. I'm worried about the weather though. We're missing our time window to travel due to the rain all over BC this week, and then we won't have a chance to try again until the first week of October. I remember last year Calgary was shut down by a freak blizzard in mid-September and we had to travel far to the south and go over the Crow's Nest Pass to get back home. I love the mountains but travelling in bad weather frankly scares me!

Ah man, last year's smoke was awful, some days it stayed dark all day, it looked kind of apocalyptic. Luckily I was in Jasper right when it started before it got bad so it didn't foil my entire summer plans but I don't think I left the house much after that.

Yup she's pretty moody here! lol I think Alberta has snowfall on record for every month of the year. The first year I was here, there was a blizzard and total white out conditions in July in Calgary. Last year winter started the last week of August in Edmonton. Columbia Icefield is pretty amazing but when it storms it's really angry and it gets pretty ugly up there! Ever been on the glacier aboard the snow crawler? Here is me drinking from the Athabasca glacier.


I know right!! Them silly easterners! New-Brunswickers are the same way, don't get me wrong the east is nice but it's not jaw-dropping Rockies nice, or how they get all proud and brag about the struggles of doing a 20 minute climb up the local mountain. 😂 I think it's hilarious, come climb Mount Robson and tell me again about the struggles! Love em to pieces but I still get a good laugh.

I hear you on the bad weather, we like going to Valemount after the tourist season close for dirt cheap cabins. Last year we drove to Wells Grey Provincial Park for the day, and it was kinda stormy. On the way we found a dozen of flipped vehicles including many transports with chains around a narrow mountain bend with a big drop on the other side. It was kinda nerve racking and we have an avalanche with studded tires and generally feel pretty secure but we were both really nervous! We came up with a protocol that I let @silvergingerman know when he should aim for the mountain if things go wrong and lose control. The Jasper-Mount Robson stretch is pretty nasty when it's stormy too. Too bad that your plans are getting rained out, I hope you get some nice temperature and get chance to go before winter hits.

Never been on the glacier. Last summer we drove all the way to Ontario through that smoke, and we finally came out of it somewhere north of Lake Superior. For anyone reading this who might not understand the distances involved, that's over 3,000 km or 1,900 miles in the forest fire smoke. It felt like the end of the world. I couldn't drive with a mask on, but when Cathy took the wheel I would put my mask on and try to sleep.

Are you familiar with Mt. Rundle, Alberta? Some call it the most beautiful mountain in the Canadian Rockies. Here's how it looked last August... see if you can make out the shape.


OMG I didn't realize the smoke went that far as to reach the Great Lakes! That's pretty intense. Respiratory protection helps during those times but I agree driving with it might be cumbersome. I'm a smoker yet I have above average lung capacity and even I was struggling and my lungs felt pretty raw. @silvergingerman had migraines from it all summer. I don't even want to imagine what the elderly, babies and those with breathing difficulties must have gone thru during those times. Just horrible to even think about.

Wow you can't even see Mount Rundle, just a very faint outline. That will put a damper on photography real quick. I was at Maligne Lake's Spirit Island at the very beginning of the fires(within the first couple of days), it wasn't even that bad yet at that point and already the landscape was disappearing. By the way, as beautiful as Mount Rundle is, my obsession is still Mount Robson.

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Thank you for your support!!

I never been to Edmonton, I remember my Dad saying it was quite the hotbed for Pro Hockey back in the 80s and 90s. trying to keep my VP above 70%.

Maybe one day you will have the luxury to slow down and can take a family vacation!! It used to be a hot bed for Hockey at the time with Wayne Gretzky and Mark messier duo, man those two were on FIRE but they have long retired since but still very active within our hockey community and mentoring various small hockey organizations. These last few years it's a hotbed for angry fans that are tired of seeing their team lose!! Regardless we are still very much a deep rooted hockey town. The teens have been doing well tho(the Oil Kings).

I generally try to keep VP at above 75% but I get vote-happy from time to time. There are more people that I want to support than I can afford to and don't want to split my penny vote in half. Comes at a cost sometimes! Hopefully the steem value will rise in the near future and I can better manage without feeling like a cheapo.

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I have been to Edmundston several times, but, barely remember anything about it because I was on a time schedule to get somewhere else. Oh!! Did I blow it! It is a totally unexpected pleasure for sure!

You have presented this so wonderfully and I think even better than a born and raised Edmundston person. You are looking at it with awe and wonder, and someone who moved there because you wanted to, not because you had to. That tells me plenty.

Your pictures are outstanding and your written word makes me want to live there! And I like the snow. I am not sure if I like that much!

I took this home with me to share! I love it!

Upped and Steemed


Edmonton or Edmundston? Because those are 2 different towns in 2 complete ends of Canada. Edmundston is a small town in New-Brunswick. I'm glad you like my story and photo's!! Edmonton has a lot to offer professionally and for leisure, hard not to fall in love. The people are so wonderful and interesting, it's a good vibe out here.

I don't blame you on the snow thing, we don't like it that much either, we keep trying to give it away but nobody wants it!! hehe. Honestly tho, it doesn't snow much here ( maybe 1 foot or 2 all winter)but it can get really cold. Thanks for stopping by with your kind words of support and the tip! xox

Definitely Edmonton! I am sorry if I spelled it wrong! :)

Does nobody want that snow? Have you called Puerto Rico in July (If it snows there some time!) It is over 100F at that time! :)

I do love your photos!!! What is not to love??? I needed to follow you, so I don't miss much!


Haha no worries about spelling it wrong! I just didn't want anyone looking in the wrong town for all this stuff. Funny thing tho is I was born in the other Edmundston have some family there.

We called everyone, no takers! thanks for the follow!

They have no sense of humor, that is all! :)

Haha I agree!! It's not like they have to keep it forever. Sharing is caring! 😂😂.

My thoughts exactly. That is what my mother always taught me. :)

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Very difficult to capture with all those lights during a concert. The groups listed above by you are among my favourite (Metallica, Iron Maiden etc.). About that cute beaver, it reminds me that I have not seen any of them during my stay in Ontario and in particular a souvenir shop with a sign " Save a tree eat a beaver "ehehehe. Eloquent that statue of that firefighter. Very stunning and suggestive that photo of that sunset.

Yeah the concert lights are pretty tough from that angle and since I'm not allowed my camera I'm stuck with an iphone for pics. I did get many nice ones that I have yet to post. They are all great bands to see they know how to rock! Edmonton is a young population overall along with so much choice for venues both indoor and outdoor, they love playing here and come by fairly regularly some of them come every year. I have gotten to enjoy many many concerts in the last decade. Since I don't drink alcohol and the bar/club scene isn't my thing, that's my party outings.

lol, it's a popular slang here😝. Beavers are kind of elusive and don't generally come around people much, this one likes me. I actually had to back away because she was trying to get too close...I must say that's a first, me backing away from the wildlife! She was like a foot away. They do bite when they are frightened, you saw them teeth! She's given me many close up photo ops over the years, she comes to eat near me and will stay for a long time. I might be her buddy!

We have many statues and other art installations hidden all over the city. The Firefighter memorial is one of my favorites. Near the statue they have plaques with all the names of the fallen brothers and history. It's a very thoughtful memorial and a great place for a moment of silence.

I agree with you they might bite if they are frightened otherwise are not aggressive. It is not very easy to find one so close you were lucky. Thanks for this informative reply to my comment.

They can be territorial, we have had quite a few beaver attacks here in Edmonton over the last few years. Most of them are dogs but some humans too. Some people don't always give them the space they need tho. I try not to be part of the statistics!! haha

I did not know they could be aggressive... Yes better to not be part of those statistics :) :)

Love the bison and especially that beaver! I snuck up on a beaver in cammo once, but it was early spring and I couldn't get very close. The ice kept snapping and popping.

Alberta looks pretty. It looks fairly similar to here in Minnesota, actaully. Hey, maybe it was Alberta that knocked Minnesota's "Mall of America" out of the top spot for largest mall? lol

Haha " Hey, maybe it was Alberta that knocked Minnesota's "Mall of America" out of the top spot for largest mall" Probably did! From your pictures, yes I think Alberta and Minnesota look very similar in landscape. Lifestyle and pace is probably very similar as well. We're mostly a farming province.

No need to get into danger to get the perfect shot. if it's meant to be you will get it someday. This beaver here, she is huge! But she's actually pretty friendly with me. She comes out of the water every time she sees me, it's not typical beaver behavior tho but I think some animals remember people more than we realize. I'm glad you enjoyed, thanks for stopping by! xox

You would think the beavers here would have gotten used to me. I went to visit them almost daily for awhile. Maybe I should have brought some beaver treats. If you catch fish and give them to a beaver, is that technically catch and release?

Haha, that's an interesting catch and release concept!! I don't know if it counts, might count as feeding the wildlife tho...that could be costly in a national park. :)

That's dedication going to visit them everyday!! Maybe I'm more of an animal whisperer then I realize sometimes. I have had a few different close encounters at different locations, they kind of just come investigate me and I just let them.

The Mall is what I remember in techniclour as that was where my 3 year old grand daughter chose to throw a gigantic hissy fit. My job was t drag my husband away as our daughter stood guard over her child having a tantrum until it subsided!
(She is a delightful 15 year old today!)
I obviously need to go back and enjoy your beautiful city in its entirety.
Thank you for reminding me.

Oh no!! Kids sure know ho to put a damper on things from time to time!! I'm sure at 15 she would love the mall now and never want to leave :)

I'm sorry your experience was disrupted, perhaps you can comeback and fully enjoy it now! The mall is really fun around Christmas with all the decorations and lights. Thank you for stopping by!

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