I plugged Steemit hard on Gentlemen's Avenue podcast!

Hey, friends! I’m playing catch up a little since the last month has been a test in travel endurance. I have a lot of great work on the HD just waiting to be reviewed, edited and shared. In my last post, I mentioned that I had a week or so in Los Angeles. What I didn’t mention is that as soon as I arrived in LA, I dropped my family off at our hotel, then drove straight back to Whittier to record an interview with the Gentlemen’s Avenue podcast [...it’s called The Lodgecast, I think]. 

Martin from Gentlemen’s Avenue contacted me on Instragam a few weeks prior. I wasn’t familiar with the show, so I looked in to it. As it turns out, he’s got a pretty legit thing going on in a converted garage studio. The guest before me was a cast member from Stranger Things! We set a date, I make the trip across town and Martin met me at the door. We got around back and I finally got to see this impressive recording booth in person. Totally on the level, doing both audio and video simultaneously. I put on the headphones with no specific direction the conversation would go and just ran my mouth for 90 minutes.

 Around the 120:00 mark, I took the opportunity to talk about Steemit and share the good word of a decentralized social network that rewards it’s creators for the value of their content. I keep seeing these great ambassadors bringing Steemit up on Bloomberg and The Joe Rogan podcast. I’m not at Rogan podcast level yet, but for the podcasts I DO get, I’m going to shill Steemit every opportunity I have. I did quite a bit of evangelizing on this trip with friends one on one, but we listened to this episode of The Lodgecast on the drive from LA to Vegas and I think I did a pretty good job of representing our little corner of the internet.

Have a listen. It was actually a great time talking about my previously pretentious opinions on photography before meeting my mentor, Jim Gavenus. I talk a lot about shooting diegetic lighting, the principles behind the dark pinup genre. Touching on some discussion regarding the male role in photographing women with a respectful and safe environment and of course, the book, Dark Pinup, by @wcpublishing. I was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. As supporters of independent creators, this podcast is definitely worth your time.


😍 Don’t you look cute sitting there! Resteeming now, to be listened to and commented on when the weekend starts. Another one for my must-get to list.

Thanks, @linnyplant. It's a long conversation. Check your Discord. You deleted me or something. spank

Awww, come on! I did try to add you back a few days ago, but it’s harder to reverse discord rage deletes. I deleted everyone that day....😭

I don’t deserve a spank! Why, I’ve been trying hard to behave real well—like when I resisted commenting further on how “your eyes are a gateway to heaven anyone would die for you”.


Thanks for the resteem. Nice one @kommienezuspadt!

Thanks, @acidyo!🤘🏼

You’re wonderful for taking an interest, acidyo. ❤️

Okay attempt#2, had a spasm and posted mid-typing by mistake, deleted and then fell asleep...But this is important! XD

I’ll also get onto discord and write you some more random stuff this weekend. It’s for whenever you have a free moment to read and there’s no urgency to reply. But I wanted to address your post here while your interview is still fresh in my mind.

First off, on the steemit business side of things, I’m impressed at the great plug of Steemit. ❤️ This following on from a fabulous interview. When people complain to me that not enough is done to promote Steem outside the block chain, I’ll point them to this video and tell them to do the same. You’re great on camera. You should consider doing the occasional @dlive. I can imagine it already: A moment in the busy life of Lars. You always talk about your interesting shooting locations, I’d love a peek. You could even go through some basic photography concepts or tips and tricks you’ve learnt over the years. The way you talked of using natural lighting was fantastic. It appealed to frugal me who was always put off by the amount of gear it seemed one had to get and learn for photography.

So I don’t own a camera, but over the years I’ve debated if it was worth the investment. I got lost in picking what I should buy. I have this fantasy that I’d be able to throw my camera in my backpack, jump on my bike and be able to spend the day taking photos. I do it already, but it’s on an iPhone, it’s just not the same. I want to look like a professional, as if I know what I’m doing! People would walk by that alleyway, see the woman taking a picture of that dumpster bin and think...

What is she doing? I wonder what’s so interesting about the dumpster bin...?

Okay, silly fantasy. But I do love taking photos of architecture and of nature. I’d love to have a reason to seek out abandoned spaces and interesting landmarks. I also love street art, and as was covered in another post of yours, where urban meets/clashes/contrasts with nature. You always have a way of inspiring me creatively. This was another one of those posts.

There’s so many things to cover from this interview, so many things I can relate to. I could write you a few more chapters! But what really struck me was that as well as being highly talented, you’re an effective communicator with a strong drive to succeed. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

great interview , still didn't watch all of it but it's going awesome , when successful people like you talk about Steemit so many people can find the opportunity to join it also, like how i joined it when my great friend @gric sugessted me about steemit and changed the way i live
...resteemed <3

Thank you @adelepazani! You're a friend of @gric's? Definitely following. I love his work. Thanks for the comment. Happy to have you on the platform.

thank you so much Lars Kommienezuspadt , yes , i love his works also ,he is one of the bests! , and also a great personality ... words are not enough :)
thank you for the follow
i'm also happy to be here , it's like an awesome chance for me

Excellent to hear such positivity and enthusiasm when talking about Steem.



This is an excellent attitude, wish we had more people thinking, acting and making a positive difference.

& no, I'm not sucking up (brown nosing), even though I don't fall into your niche/market and probably would not have seen this vid if it wasn't for Linny, I have to admit, it was a breath of fresh air!

Made my day.


I still think you should consider picking up a camera and trying a different form of shooting... ;)

This post should definitely be added to whatever archives/highlights you promo-steem people have on how quality content creators could be promoting the STEEM blockchain.

Anyway, you’re also wonderful for taking an interest. ❤️

hahaha, oh man, I love explaining crypto based things to someone maybe not into them. I know he said he knew what Bitcoin was, but as you went on explaining it all, his responses were basically only "uh huh" "uh huh" with no follow up questions lol. Honestly though you explained it pretty well, I believe if he was genuinely paying attention he could understand what was going on (and should create an account for himself or his show/site)

HAHA! @cryplectibles! I know. It was basically the same pitch I give friends when I meet them in person to indoctrinate them to Steemit. The over-emphasis on the master password is a classic move I do. It still boggles me mind that it's so hard to bring some people to the platform. I have friends that've literally made thousands of dollars on four posts and still don't even think about logging in. I'm so glad to see @britleigh and @swarddraws back on Steemit.

I have friends that've literally made thousands of dollars on four posts and still don't even think about logging in.


You spoke your surname so fast, I didn't get a good listen to it. But I'm impressed (or maybe shouldn't) that you can spell it out perfectly well, I guess you have to do it often because it is a long name. I thought I was going to listen to just a few minutes, but you spoke really well during the whole podcast. There's not really any awkwardness, which was really impressive for a two hours talk.

And I found out that you're a science fan, awesome. I am a big fan of Cosmos and Carl and Neil myself, so I totally understand why you want to go and check out the Hadron Collider.

Ummm I don't think I should blab more about my response lol, I don't want to write an essay, but I am looking forward to that blockchain comic.

Me too, about the comic and also the hadron, I wonder if they have been successful in opening mini black holes! :)

Great - I just caught this in time to resteem! Good to spread the word. There is so far only a small portion of the artists community I know from the internet that came over to Steemit. I keep sharing my Steemit posts on Facebook and in private conversations try to get them to join, but not very many did.

Thanks for the resteem @thermoplastic! I'm with you on that. It's really hard to bring people to the platform. I've ever had instances of friends that've made hundreds, even thousands of dollars here in just a few posts, and I've actually walked them through the process of turning that in to fiat money, and still.....they just continue to post of Facebook and YouTube. I don't get it. It's incredibly frustrating at times.

Wao that recording studio so beautiful. I am very excited to talk about Steemit until I have come to believe that they believe me a little crazy. Good luck on your travels.

Damn, I’m about 15 minutes in and really enjoying it... but I think I’ve gotta save it for later and make sure I’m multitasking while drawing! Always inspiring to listen to creative chatter.

Thanks, @bryan-imhoff. Yeah. I'm with you. Drawing is when I do most of my podcast consumption. This was alright. I told a few funny stories about my earlier days in photography.

Whoa I got busy for two days and three posts to catch up on!

That is awesome brother! I'm friends with @theywillkillyou, with over a million youtube subscribers and he too is pushing and switching over to steemit. People in the position to get the word out can make a huge difference for so many people, members, future members, and the platform in general.

On a further note I've personally brought in a handful of people, including my long time best friend and my father! I suddenly find myself in a new relationship with my lovely Ukrainian Girlfriend. I'll likely be gifting her the name @miss-travel-pro and we plan to travel the world together being a travel blogging duo.

Here is a photo of us taken just a couple weeks ago. Hope you are well my friend and keep up the great work!

Can't listen just this moment but I am definitely looking forward to listening when I am off on Thursday! Any chance to promote the platform is a win man...

Wow darling that's very interesting!
@acidyo is right you are one of the good ones!
You have very good intentions about Steemit, you help others and you are always Trying to tell everyone what steemit is. 😊 👌
Even I, I would like to interview you! Your photographs are very good.😍
You look very cute with headphones. 😉 😍
Resteem so that many people know about your interesting interview and the great person you are @kommienezuspadt. ✌ 👍😊

Hey Kommie, I have missed out on steemit for quite a while, but after the USA trip, i'm now back and getting back on steemit! Cool that you plugged it.. i have the idea we could use some extra/new blood around these boards! :)

I still have to find a way to get that book of yours! Can it be bought with steem? :D


Hey, @beekart! Welcome back. Yeah, I've definitely missed your posts. How was the US? I agree, but we're in the dark ages right now with the market so low. I know some people say "....the money doesn't matter", but it does, and it's hard to bring new artists to the platform when the rewards aren't that high. I will definitely take your STEEM if you want a copy of the book. It's $65 US and probably $20 shipping to Europe, but I can send you one any time. I think you'd like it. I'm really proud of how it turned out.

The trip to San Diego comic con was awesome man! ..
After comic con we roadtripped around california visiting LA , monterray, SF yosemite and then through death valley to vegas and back to SD... insane vacation! :D

Had the best time!

And yeh.. with this bear market it is not the best/easiest time to attract new talent.. on the other hand.. at least you get some rewards for posting and sharing.. not like fb, twitter, yt, instagram etc.. where you just get spammed by ads and fake followers and commenters.. wait.. that is the case here also! :P

I think that shows Steem really is a social media platform like the big boys ;)

When the market recovers a bit I will definitely nag you to send me a book :D I'll contact you on discord when the time comes. .. im afraid to spend any crypto when its worth so little.. knowing i paid more to get it :/ u probably feel the same way :D

This will not play for me..... do you have an alternate link!? Ive tried to watch this several times...

Finally got it to play sorta! Thanks man

Oh great you had the opportunity to express your ideas with others and also to make known a little more to Steemit which is great! Maybe that should be enough to arouse the interest of other people in joining this great community

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