How did the Black and White Photography, Began to Become Part of My Life

in photography •  2 years ago

One of the techniques or modalities in Photography I like most is the Black & White Photography.

My first approach to photography in general was also in the Black and White format, with an old Russian camera that my parents had and gave me when I was 16 years old. The entire photographic process, living in Cuba at the time, was very complicated. Getting virgin rolls of film, after taking the pictures reveal the rolls, getting paper to print photos, chemicals, in short, everything a mess.

Digital photography suddenly arrived and things changed a bit, for the better.

In college I had access to a digital camera (it was very difficult to have one, I was still in Cuba) and also I discovered the wonders of Adobe Photoshop thanks to the computer lab there (I did not own a computer... blablabla Cuba).

And a few years later, working as a graphic designer, I discovered the Adobe Lightroom, the program I currently use to retouch my pictures.

My subjects are varied because in the Black & White Photography, from my point of view, forms are in some way secondary, it is more important the light and the shadow and the whole game that may exist between them.

This struggle between darkness and light, the beam of light into the shadows, different levels of grays between white and black and playing with different tones to create a kind of three-dimensionality are ideas that I have in my mind usually when taking a picture that I know will end up in Black and White format.


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You have my attention! I love black and white, I'll be following your work.


Thanks a lot @jamtaylor an honor :) Im following you back and also will take a look at your Photo Challenge. Is it you right who organize it?


Yup, look out for the new theme starting tomorrow.

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I love black & white photos. There is something romantic/noir/classic/emotional about them. I agree, the lighting is everything. Back when they were making black & white films, the main focus was always lighting...which probably attributes to why colorization of those old films always looked a little off. Anyway - this is a great body of work and I'm looking forward to seeing more.


Thanks a lot @merej99 :) Im with you 100% with the "There is something romantic/noir/classic/emotional about them". I come from the film world, love the Cinema Noir and I think I always put this love and the style inside my B&W stills. Btw here is the link to my last post Prague Through My Camera Lens In White And Black The 1St Part - Praga A Traves Del Lente De Mi Camara En Blanco Y Negro La 1Era Please, let me know what do you think. Hope you like them :)

Great stuff! Upvoted and followed.

Excellent work and following now!


Thanks a lot @daveks and following you back :)

FIRST OFF! I loove the title.
Second. You have a great eye for a good photo. I want to see more! Great job. Upvote and following


Thanks a lot for your nice words @rissakoirtyohann :) and im following u back