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in photography •  2 years ago

I wish we can establish some guidelines with regards the tagging of articles. As I am a photographer, I obviously are more interested in the posts tagged for photography.

When I look at a post that was firstly tagged as photography, then I would like to first look at the quality of photos in the post. My psychology background makes me worried about how we currently manages these posts on Steemit.

According to me, Steemit is an excellent example of the classical psychological phenomenon pinned by B.F. Skinner as "Operant conditioning". He believed that behavior is mainly a result of causes of an action and its consequences.

The Steemit upvoting system is a way of rewarding specific behavior, and my worry is that we are busy "conditioning" people into incorrect behavior by upvoting posts of poor quality with regards the primary content of the post.

For example, when I look at a post and it is firstly tagged as "Photography", then it means I need to look at this as a photographic specific article. Thus, the person posting the article took great care in taking the photos and also in the post processing of the photos.

If the photographs in an article just plays a supportive role, then it must not be tagged as a photography article, but rather as whatever the actual reason for the article is. A secondary photography tag could still be used.

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Well, this is the general problem with tags. I notice you posted is with 'photography' tag first, but really your post is not about photography, it has no photos and its just a rant, shouldn't you label it rant? haha, I'm mostly kidding actually, I browse photography, but usually just open everything in tabs to load the images and then vote when the photos are actually good with extra info. Not just one pic, no info, no effort.


You are right, after posting it I said to myself I should have included at least one of my photos (or changed it to be first tagged as something else)!

true, some people tag photography primary just because they included photo of recipe or something.


Yes, this is exactly what triggered my "rant". Also, if somebody tag it as photography, I will not upvote if I do not think the photographs are of good quality - or maybe even give comments on the quality of the photos :)


lol, you can't be serious about technical issue. That doesn't make photo a valuable photo.


I am serious. A photo that stands on its own must be a well though out photo - nothing is left to luck or chance. If the wrong part is in focus the message that the photo should send will be miss-interpreted. If the photo is over exposed it may happen that the beauty that was captured will be missed missed. A photo is like a discussion.

This is part of the reason why I suggest that the photography tag be used where the primary goal is to enjoy the photos. If the photo is just there to support another idea, then the technical quality is not as important as the idea in the post and the post must then be tagged with something else than photography.

By the way, I like your posts and am now following you! And I can see that you know how to use photography as part of a message, I am looking forward to seeing more of your photos once you went through your old hard drives.