Sunrise without the Sun / Sonnenaufgang ohne Sonne

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A few days ago I once again wanted to hike on the Dobratsch Mountain and take pictures of the sunrise.

Vor ein paar Tagen wollte ich wieder einmal auf den Dobratsch wandern und einen Sonnenaufgang fotografieren.

Sunrise without the Sun / Sonnenaufgang ohne Sonne
Dobratsch Mountain

So, I got up at 02:30 on the last Thursday and drove to Villach, and then on the Villach Alpine Road to the last parking lot (Rosstratte).

Also bin ich am letzten Donnerstag um 02:30 Uhr aufgestanden und nach Villach auf der Villacher Alpenstraße bis zum letzten Parkplatz (Rosstratte) gefahren.

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Canon EOS R | RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM
ISO 100 • f/11 • 5.0 sec • @24 mm

From there I walked in complete darkness with my headlamp turned on to the summit of the Dobratsch. The sky was overcast, but that will change, I thought.

When I arrived at the summit at about 05:00 o'clock just before sunrise, the clouds had thinned a bit, and you could already see the first colors of the sunrise.

Von dort bin ich dann bei völliger Dunkelheit mit eingeschalteter Stirnlampe zum Gipfel des Dobratsch gewandert. Der Himmel war bedeckt, aber das wird sich ändern, habe ich mir gedacht.

Als ich um etwa 05:00 Uhr kurz vor Sonnenaufgang am Gipfel angekommen bin, hatten sich die Wolken etwas gelichtet, und man konnte schon die ersten Farben des Sonnenaufganges erkennen.

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Canon EOS R | EF 16-35mm 1:4L IS USM
ISO 100 • f/11 • 3.2 sec • @18 mm

Unfortunately, that was the only thing I've seen from this sunrise, because a short time later the clouds condensed again and mingled with the fog.

Leider ist das das Einzige geblieben, das ich von diesem Sonnenaufgang gesehen habe, denn kurze Zeit darauf verdichteten sich die Wolken wieder und vermischten sich mit dem Nebel.

Dobratsch Transmitter Tower / Sendeturm Dobratsch

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Canon EOS R | EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS II USM

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Canon EOS R | EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS II USM

It was getting lighter, but this sunrise took place without visible sun.

Es wurde zwar heller, aber dieser Sonnenaufgang fand ohne sichtbare Sonne statt.

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Canon EOS R | EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS II USM

Church / Kirche Maria am Stein

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Canon EOS R | EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS II USM

When it started to rain, I made my way back to the valley. Sunrise photos will be available next time I hike up there.

Als es dann auch noch zu tröpfeln begonnen hat, machte ich mich auf den Rückweg ins Tal. Sonnenaufgangsfotos gibt es dann das nächste Mal.

Summit House / Gipfelhaus

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Canon EOS R | EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS II USM

On the way down to the pasture and to the Rosstratte car park, where I had parked my car, the fog had cleared a bit, so that I could photograph a few cows, horses and more distant chamois. I have to edit these photos first and they will be published in one of my next posts.

Auf dem Weg hinunter zur Alm und zum Parkplatz Rosstratte, wo ich mein Auto geparkt hatte, hat sich der Nebel etwas gelichtet, so dass ich ein paar Kühe, Pferde und auch weiter entfernte Gemsen fotografieren konnte. Diese Fotos muss ich erst bearbeiten und es gibt sie in einem meiner nächsten Beiträge.

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Canon EOS R | EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS II USM


Location / Standort: Dobratsch on Google Maps
Villach Alpine Road
Villacher Alpenstraße
Gipfelhaus Dobratsch

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Thank you for visiting my blog,
have a nice evening,
Johann Piber

Photos and Text: Johann Piber
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[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 46.603616 lat 13.670697 long Dobratsch-Mountain d3scr)

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Thank you for resteeming, dear @pixresteemer 😊

It's a beautiful view. It's kind of a bummer that there was so much fog.

Thank you very much, @saboin, but I didn't mind very much, because the hike was very nice, and I like foggy photos very much too, although I haven't been prepared for so much fog ;)

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And another place where I have been has been added to the Steemit Worldmap. Thank you so much for your service, @steemitworldmap 😊

Even without much of sunrise it must have been a greta time out, I love the communications tower through the fog, maybe because I used to build and climb towers although not as big as that one

Good luck with the next time you head out for a sunrise

This tower is very high, and I don't think, that I would climb up.

At first I was a bit mad, because of all the clouds and the fog which covered the sunrise, but then I made the best of it and had some fun.
Hopefully I will find some time for another hike on a weekday soon, because on the weekends there are too many people up there.

The highest I ever climbed was 300 Feet I am sure that one is way bigger than that, I built and climbed them when I had to but am glad my job does not include tower work anymore it was a thrilling experience but not one I liked LOL

The tower is 165 metres / 541 feet high, and the highest I have ever climbed was I don't know ;) ... but since I have become older I don't like hights very much anymore. When I was young I didn't have any problems.

That is pretty tall, you used to climb towers for work or fun?

Oh no, sorry, but I didn't climb towers - I climbed in the mountains everywhere where I didn't need a rope. As soon as a rope was needed I didn't climb ;)

I also climbed on high trees - we have spoken about this yesterday - and on the roof of my parents' house, which is about 30 feet high ;) ... or on the rockfaces in our forest, but I cannot remember any tower, and I climbed for fun :)

I Was about the same till I went tot he field I climbed things for fun, climbing towers for work was not so much fun LOL

It's half fun if you have to do something what you usually like to do, but when you have to do it, it is different ;)

Thank for taking me on a fun trip up the mountain!

Yes, after I have realized, that I won't see the sun, I have made the best of the situation and had fun 😄
Thank you, that you like, what came out of the trip, Ross, have a great Sunday 😀

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We have too much sun here haha. So i don't mind clouds ;)

I don't mind clouds either, especially not, when I am photographing, but I wanted to see at least just a little bit of the sun ;) lol

Spannende Fotos! Dank an den Frühaufsteher! Lieben Gruß Kadna

Vielen Dank für die netten Worte, @kadna. Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Sonntag 😄

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Absolutely beautiful! I'm in love with the mood and tone in all these photos— the fog is just magical. ✨

Yes, I fully agree, fog is magical, and I do love to photograph foggy scenes.
Thank you for liking my photos and for your nice works, @oheyo 😊

i love how soft these are. beautiful.

Thank you so much, @torico, the photos are nice fog photos, and I don't mind that I haven't got a sunrise, because the hike was good for my mind and my health ... and I do love fog anyway ;)

i do as well, tho i dont get it much here, so i will enjoy yours!

If the Autumn is like last year, there will be many foggy photos in my posts in a few weeks from now ;)

Crazy hiker! You started at 2.30am!! You walked in darkness!! You are really addicted to hiking and photography!
How about breakfast?!

Nature has such a pull for you!

All I wanted was a nice sunrise on the mountain, but I haven't got it :(
Never mind, there will be a next time, and then the sunrise will be amazing :)))

Sun rises short after 5 am, and before the sunrise is the blue hour. If I want to make sunrise photos up there, I have to be there on time ;) ... and I really do not have any problems with getting up early, my dear @kaminchan :)

Breakfast? I have always enough to eat and drink in my backpack :)

Thank you so much for your nice words, @kaminchan, have a nice evening and a great Sunday tomorrow 😊

Wow! You are well prepared fir your hike!!
You gave an amazing body clock that allows you to wake up at funny hours!

You’ll catch a fantastic sunrise next time!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Yes, next time there will be an amazing sunrise - hopefully I will find some time soon.
Especially in my holidays, when I don't have to work, I love to get up as early as possible, that I don't miss any free minutes ;)
Thank you again, dear @kaminchan, have a nice Sunday evening :)

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I love foggy scenes.


Yes, me too, I just wasn't prepared for so much fog instead of a sunrise ;)
Thank you, that you like my images, and thanks for resteeming, @momzillanc 😊

Great photographs! I have give you some love from the Palnet curation team in my Photoventure weekly curation ♥ Love to see your work!

Thank you very much, Carlos, I really appreciate it that you like my photos and of course also for featuring my post in your Photoventure curation post 😊

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Thank you very much for your service, @treeplanter, it is highly appreciated :)

Wow, nice different places of mountain photography.

Everywhere was fog, and so no wider landscape photo was possible. This is, why I have photographed some of the buildings in the fog - a moody autumnal scene ;)
Thank you for your nice comment, @kamrunnahar :)

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