Pink fog over the valley / Pinker Nebel über dem Tal

in photography •  24 days ago

Two days ago I posted photos of the sunrise, taken from the Dobratsch near Villach (Post #1, Post #2).

After the valleys and lakes were covered in more or less dense fog that morning , I also shot photos of the lake Woerthersee, hidden under pink mist, with the Pyramidenkogel lookout tower looking out of the fog.

Vor zwei Tagen habe ich Sonnenaufgangsfotos gepostet, die ich vom Dobratsch bei Villach aufgenommen habe (Post #1, Post #2).

Nachdem die Täler und Seen an diesem Morgen in mehr oder weniger dichten Nebel gehüllt waren, habe ich auch Fotos von dem unter pinkfarbenem Nebel versteckten Wörthersee mit dem Aussichtsturm Pyramidenkogel, der aus dem Nebel herausschaute, geschossen.

▲click for fullsize view▲

Canon EOS M50 | Canon EF-M 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM
ISO 100 • f/11 • 1/20 sec • @200 mm

The tower is about 21 miles as the crow flies from my location.

Der Turm is ca 33,5 km Luftlinie von meinem Standort entfernt.

▲click for fullsize view▲

Canon EOS M50 | Canon EF-M 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM
ISO 100 • f/11 • 1/25 sec • @117 mm

Lake Woerthersee
Pyramidenkogel Google Maps
Pyramidenkogel Google Maps

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have a nice day,
Johann Piber

Photos and Text: Johann Piber
#originalcontent #originalworks #deutsch #austria #steemit-austria


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This post was resteemed and upvoted by me :)


Thank you @artmentor :)

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You have perfectly coped with the task. This fog is felt physically. How high were you when you took this picture? I see the distance to the statue, it is about 32 meters! How transparent should the air be!


Thank you so much @barski 😊
It is a tower (link is below the photos) and you meant Kilometers, didn't you? Meters would be a bit too close for the 200mm lens ;)
I was at a hight over sea of about 1.850 Meters (Link to Google Maps).
Sometimes the fog is so thik that you cannot even see the hills and small mountains down there - a white ocean of fog :)


This is High!)) One mile is 1.609 kilometers. It turns out that the tower is more than 32 kilometers.

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Oh mein Gott, was für ein gelungenes Foto!
Atemberaubender Blick auf den Pyramidenkogel!

Das ist mein Nebelpost von damals, nur aus einer anderen Perspektive ;)


Danke Dir @melvin7 😊
Ich musste dafür nur 2 mal auf den Berg - letzte Woche hatte ich ja fast null Sicht.

This looks perfect, really beautiful landscape. That hill covered in fog made this photo amazing!
I see you are using mirrorless Canon. What are your thoughts about its image quality and sharpness of this lens?


Thank you @miroslavrc 😊
I have chosen the Canon EOS M50 because it is small and the lenses are small and light. I think the image quality and sharpness is very OK at good light and quite OK at lower light. But it should be super with better lenses, because you can use Canon EF-S and EF lenses with an adapter. I am going to buy such a lens maybe in summer, but I don't know which one yet.


I really thought about upgrading my Canon 600D, and still thinking what to buy next, should I buy something newer or older with better sensor. I think that it will be 6D classic, probably. For M50 you get best of both worlds, you can use lenses that are meant for Canon mirrorless and EF lenses with adapter, that is really great.

About buying lens, depends what your budget is and what do you want to photograph the most. Maybe buy some prime lenses, like 24mm or something like that.


Right, I'll decide in a few months when I know my budget ;)
The M50 is really handy, I don't miss my old DSLR Olympus E-5.

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Thank you so much, @treeplanter 😊

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