Beautiful Sunrise this morning on the Mountain

in photography •  26 days ago

Carinthia, Villach, Dobratsch Mountain Sunrise 2010-01-27 07:19am

Shot with my Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

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Thank you @treeplanter 😁

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Thank you @resteembot :)

It is beautiful. Each morning is different and the sky pattern is always amazing.


Thank you Neli, you are right, but sometimes it's just more amazing ;)

Awesome shots buddy.Loved the background scenario.The view is incredible.


Thank you my friend @tussar11 :) ... it was incredible, but the phone did not capture it fully.

Excellent shots, I love the light.


Thank you ErikaH, the phone did not capture all the light - it was really amazing. I have just come home from the mountain and will spend the next hours to view the photos from my camera - and of course post some images this evening :)


Excellent! Looking forward to seeing more then :)

Very beautiful picture sirrr.

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Thank you ssso much @thecuteghost ... the photos were taken long after the witching hour 😉

Great captures!
The sky is amazing.. what a beautiful moment to be apart of. Thanks for sharing & Steem on :)


Thank you @jcsteem :)
That's what it's all about: Being able to share great moments in life 😊