Edge of the Beaver Island / Rand der Biberinsel

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Yesterday I was once again very early on the Reservoir Annabrücke of the Drau River. The sky was cloudless and it just got light without me seeing a sunrise.

But that did not matter, because I was at the place where there are a few small islands, where also a few beavers should live. I say "probably", because I have not seen one yet, although I'm always very early, but probably still late for the nocturnal beaver, but all around you can see the "work" of the beaver on the trees or the leftovers of trees.

The first photo shows the edge of one of the small islands with some nice trees and their reflection in the green water. Behind it you can see another elongated island and in between the river is iced. It's a long exposure photo because it was a bit dark at the time.

Gestern war ich wieder einmal sehr früh am Stausee Annabrücke der Drau. Der Himmel war wolkenlos und es ist einfach hell geworden, ohne dass ich einen Sonnenaufgang gesehen hätte.

Aber das machte nichts, denn ich war an der Stelle, wo es ein paar kleine Inseln gibt, wo auch ein paar Biber leben dürften. Ich sage "dürften", weil gesehen habe ich noch keinen, denn ich bin zwar immer sehr früh hier, aber für die nachtaktiven Biber wahrscheinlich noch immer nicht früh genug, aber rundherum kann man die "Arbeit" der Biber an den Bäumen bzw Baumresten erkennen.

Das erste Foto zeigt den Rand einer der kleinen Inseln mit einigen schönen Bäumen und deren Spiegelung im grünen Wasser. Dahinter erkennt man eine weitere langgezogene Insel und dazwischen ist der Fluss vereist. Es ist eine Langzeitbelichtung, weil es zu dem Zeitpunkt noch etwas dunkel gewesen ist.

▲click for fullsize view▲

Canon EOS M50 | Canon EF-M 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM
ISO 100 • f/14 • 20.0 sec • @55 mm

The second photo shows the "work" of a beaver.

Das zweite Foto zeigt das "Werk" eines Bibers.

▲click for fullsize view▲

Canon EOS M50 | Canon EF-M 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM
ISO 100 • f/14 • 1/10 sec • @55 mm

Location / Standort: Reservoir / Stausee Annabruecke

Only once did a beaver and I scare each other, because when I walked past him, he dropped himself into the water in shock and then I was startled by the loud splashing. A few meters away from the shore, he turned up and watched me for a while. Unfortunately, it was still too dark for a photo and he was then quickly gone, so I had no time to take pictures anyway.

But I will not give up and am sure that one day I will be able to take a picture of one of these large rodents.

Nur einmal haben ein Biber und ich uns gegenseitig erschreckt, denn als ich bei ihm vorbeigegangen bin, hat er sich erschrocken ins Wasser fallen lassen und durch das laute Platschen habe dann ich mich erschreckt. Ein paar Meter vom Ufer weg ist er dann wieder aufgetaucht und hat mich eine Weile beobachtet. Leider war es noch zu dunkel für ein Foto gewesen und er war dann auch schnell wieder weg, so dass ich gar keine Zeit zum Fotografieren gehabt habe.

Ich gebe aber nicht auf und bin mir sicher, dass ich eines Tages mal eines dieser großen Nagetiere fotografieren können werde.

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Thank you for visiting my blog,
have a nice day,
Johann Piber

Photos and Text: Johann Piber
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i like 1st on.. beautiful reflection my friend..

Thank you very much my friend @tussar11 😊

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Thank you @treeplanter :)

Thanks 😉 😎

Be very careful. Sometimes, beavers are very large and aggressive. Sometimes, they become carriers of rabies. Photos are great. In the first picture, the island looks like a floating beaver, I see a tail, and its body is the island itself.

You see things I don't see ... you even see things before you see them, like the jellyfish ;)
Do you know how the beaver is named in German? It's Biber - and do you know my surname? It's Piber. We are relatives, the beavers and I - why should they attack me? 😊 😊 😊

I do not know what to answer to you)) My task is no more difficult than Adam had. He had to see the essence, the nature of animals and give them a name that corresponds to this essence. When God created the world, he betrayed great value to small details. For example, our eyelashes, or, eye color. I try to look at the world as the One who created it would look at it. But not always it turns out well)). I am sure that everyone sees this, but thinks about something else)) Thoughts should be primarily about the Creator.
I did not know what your surname means in translation. I have a double last name, that part of the last name that I didn’t indicate means hussar-rider. But, I do not ride horses and do not wear the form of hussars - horsemen, and do not swing a saber)). Beavers are found in our area. A couple of years ago there was a case of rabies. The beaver attacked the man. The risk is always present. But, sometimes, it's fun))

Your writing is really good @barski, I like your thoughts and the way you change them into words.

First the easy reply: This rabies is also in our country - mostly foxes or other predators have this disease and then transfer it by biting other animals or people.

Then the harder one: I don't know what to say either ... some names are funny, like mine, and some names have a whole story in them, like yours. I don't know where my name comes from and neither what it means, but I don't mind ;)

You have a very beautiful last name. I see nothing funny. Beavers are great laborers, and they are very clean animals. They should take an example. Also, I just write to a friend, I am not looking for a vote, I know how difficult it is, sometimes, to violate a customized voting scheme.

In my name the first letter is P and the beaver is Biber - this is the difference which is funny :)
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Cool shots, I hope you get a chance to get some shots of the Beavers i am looking forward to seeing them

Me too, my friend @tattoodjay, me too 😉

I dont think I have ever seen a Beaver, so your one up on me, but to be able to get shots of it would be so cool

I also have not seen anyone in the wild, except for the one in the dark;)
In the spring, when it gets light in the morning, I'll go there more often and I'm sure I'll be able to take a picture. And of course I will show it here.

Cool I do look forward to seeing what you can get

OK, I will do my best :)

Howdy sir johannpiber! wow, that is a very good picture there on top. The completely smooth surface of the water, the beautiful reflection and the gree color contrasting with the ice on the other side..it's just a great shot!

Thank you so much, dear @janton, I like this one too - it does not look like much at first, but if you look closer you will see many nice details, as you did.

yes sir johannpiber...it looks like a real photographer took it. Who'd you steal that one from? lol..just teasing of course. I think you have a great eye for really good photos.

The more I photograph the better I become, I think. Every time I go out I see more and more things I would never have seen before.

You are getting downvotes @janton ???

sir johannpiber! I agree, your trained eye is becoming more trained! lol

Oh yes, there is a voting bot battle going on and I'm one of the people who are caught in the middle of it! I get an upvote bot then a downvote bot shows up to try and negate it! lol. It's insane. It's happening to alot of us. we know who's bots are whos and they are trying to hurt each other.

Fine, I hope they don't harm me when I reply to your comments ;)

A "voting bot battle" ... strange - I wished some upvoting bots would have a battle upvoting just me ;)))

it shouldn't be a problem. it all started when fulltimegeek visited that contest page that I told you about, the one I have been winning? Well, he liked what we were doing so he decided to reward our efforts by sending his upvoting bots when we made comments.
But, berniesanders hates fulltimegeek and trys to destroy everything he does including canceling out his upvoting bots by sending in his downvoting bots to cancel everything out that fulltime geek does! It's nuts. So there are about 10 or 12 of us from the Engagement League who all have this crazy bot war going on over many of our comments.

It's the craziest thing I ever saw.

That's crazy, just as you say.
I was going to write some sentences with words like "childish," "power games," or "innocent sufferers," but since I do not know the exact reasons for their battle, I do not do that for the time being. But if this little war is carried out in my neutral territory, then I will mobilize my army ;)

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