Peak above the clouds / Gipfel über den Wolken

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I do not really have an idea which mountain peak peeps out of the clouds.

Ich habe nicht wirklich eine Ahnung, welcher Berg hier durch die Wolken lugt.

Peak above the clouds / Gipfel über den Wolken

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Canon EOS R | RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM
ISO 100 • f/8 • 1/50 sec • @105 mm

These pictures were made on the Mangart mountain, just before the front lens of the 24-105mm lens is iced up. The view is about north or north-west and it may be the Monte Traunig, which is 2,204 m heigh. If anyone knows for sure or better, please let me know in the comments.

Diese Fotos habe ich auf dem Mangart gemacht, und zwar kurz bevor die Frontlinse des 24-105mm Objektives dann vereist ist. Die Blickrichtung ist ungefähr nach Norden oder Nordwesten und es dürfte sich um den Monte Traunig mit 2.204 m Höhe handeln. Falls es jemand sicher oder vielleicht besser weiß, dann informiert mich bitte in den Kommentaren.

❖ click the image for fullsize view ❖

Canon EOS R | RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM
ISO 100 • f/8 • 1/30 sec • @65 mm

I think these were the last usable pictures of my tour on the Mangart. The other photos look like you're looking through a half-frosted window.

Ich glaube, das waren die letzten brauchbaren Fotos von meiner Tour auf den Mangart. Die anderen Fotos schauen so aus, als ob man durch ein halb vereistes Fenster schauen würde.


Location / Standort: Mangart Peak
Mangart - Wikipedia En Mangart - Wikipedia De

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to be honest I dont think its impoortant what mountain it is just that it made for such wonderful shots

Good Morning my Friend


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Thank you very much 🙂

Me neither, to be honest, although I am curious and when I'm up there next time (next year) I'll certainly find it out ;)

Good morning JJ, have a great day :)

For me it is the last day of this week, because the first of November is an official holiday in Austria 😀
But for the next few hours a lot of work is to do ... real work in my office ;)

It is raining outside and I hope, the weather forecast tells me a place somewhere near, where the weekend stays a bit dry, but on the other hand, I have to prepare some posts, because I don't know if I have the time from Monday till Thursday.
On Monday I drive to Vienna for a long meeting on Tuesday. On Wednesday I have the next meeting at home, which will last until the very late afternoon and the same is planned for Thursday, but after that, my normal life will hopefully be back ;) lol


I can understand you being curious of course i would be as well :)
That sounds like a hectic week ahead a good idea to prepare some in advance

I may well telecommute tomorrow unless any developments come up today but will decide later inthe day

Either way have a good long weekend my friend


I think, it will be more boring than hectic, but maybe I'll have some time to take photos in Vienna.
So, you might also be at home tomorrow - you'll have kind of a long weekend too ;)

Have a good day and a !BEER

Vienna is a beautiful city so I hope you do get some time for photos there

at this stage it’s looking good for working ( Nd i use that term loosely) from home tomorrow :)

Cheers and !BEER

Right, but I don't know, if I will have enough time and when this time will be ;)
And I like the term "working" from home. I do know, why our company does not offer telecommuting: because they know me and my colleagues ;) lol

Cheers and !BEER

You can but hope you get some free time, I was lucky both times i went there I had a weekend free before flying out so had time to explore :)

Some days. Get more done at home thanI do in the office but some days I get ore done on Steemit lOL


Yes, I do hope so too, and I already know, what I'd like to see, but it depends on the time. There's also a chance that I even don't need to go, what I would prefer, but this will be decided on Monday.

I think, I would work more and faster at home - faster, because then I would have more time for other things ;) lol


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Vienna is a beautiful city so I hope you do get some time for photos there

at this stage it’s looking good for working ( Nd i use that term loosely) from home tomorrow :)

Cheers and !BEER

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Never mind, I have had the same problem with SteemReply right before ;)

This way you get more !BEER lol

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Beautiful sky view...clouds are fly

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Wow. That's impressive. Congratulations.

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Thank you so much @momzillanc 🙂
As I wrote - a few minutes later my lens iced and the fog covered everything around me, so that I had to go back down to the valley. But I am glad, that I could take some quite nice photos :)

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Beautiful photos. Clouds and peak painted with light from the rising sun.
@johannpiber it definitely was a challenge to decent from Mangart through the clouds.

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Thank you so very much, @cezary-io 🙂
There have been moments, when the sun was able to shine a bit through the fog and the clouds, and then she painted this soft pastel like colors on the clouds and the sky. But soon after these photos I had to leave the peak and you are right, the way down from the mountain was quite challenging, because the wet fog made some of the rocks slippery.

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Thank you very much 🙂

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Holy smokes sir johannpiber, how high were you? You were above the clouds! I would need an oxygen mask!

I have been on the Mangart mountain, @janton, the majestic mountain you have commented about just before 😉
There was enough air to breath, but it was cold and windy and the fog was wet and got iced on the rocks, so that my path down was quite slippery ;)


That sounds dangerous sir johannpiber. But I guess if you hurt your ankle or leg you could just roll down the mountain!

I think, rolling down wouldn't have been possible, because it was quite steep - about 60-80 degrees ;)
Of course, it was dangerous, but that was not my first time on a mountain.


Well the steeper it is, the easier it would be to roll! lol. I know, you are like a mountain goat. lol.

I would either say it was so steep, that I would have fallen instead of rolling ;) lol
When I was younger I have been a fearless mountain goat and climbed on every rock, but now I am older and wiser and much more careful where I go ... at least most of the times ;) lol


Oh, so that roll would have turned into a slide that you can't control! Yeah that might be bad. lol. So I can call you a mountain goat and it is not an insult? lol.

You can call me anything you want, my friend 😉
When I was a boy and spend my Summers on the mountain, there have also been goats around, but no mountain goats though. These goats have been good climbers too and maybe I have learned from them ;) lol


No matter which mountain it is, the photo is great. Happy day. 💕

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Thank you so much that you like the photos, @wakeupkitty 🙂

Hope to see more soon. You are lucky with those great views. Thanks for sharing and the beer. 💕

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The rest of the photos from this mountain are not so good, because my camera lens was iced, but I'm preparing some posts for next week with other mountain views.
Thank you very much for your nice comments, @wakeupkitty 🙂

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@johannpiber looking forward to see them.. iced lens means frozen fingers too. 🤔

🙂 ... I don't have gloves for my lenses, but I do have gloves for my fingers though. Without gloves I woldn't have had a chance to get back down from this mountain, because the wet fog iced on the rocks and the steel rope, which has been a great help on the steep and exposed parts of the ferrata 😉


@johannpiber Good you have gloves for your fingers! ❤️

Always be prepared for bad weather when you are in the mountains, @wakeupkitty, especially, when you are on your own 🙂