Senior 2018 Photos from Indiana

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Hello jealousyjane!

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thank you for the random love

Really great shots. I love the pics with the orange flowers!

I assume this your graduation photos. It's really pretty :)

Oh you are a pro beautiful work. How I dream to just take photos all day long rather than being stuck on desk for 10 hours a day lol. I'm slowly starting to meet the photographers in the steemitbloggers family. Curious about that username of yours.

Beautiful pics!! I didn't realize graduations were so fancy now - getting pictures done and everything.

I wish you were around in August, 1994 when I got my B.S. in Criminology (Summa Cum Laude) - not to photograph my degree acceptance, but after I got my diploma and joined my parents in the VIP box.

Why not during the ceremony?

Because under my robe and cap I was wearing my "choker whites, 'Officer and a Gentleman' uniform" and was miserably hot!

Why do I say I could have used your photography skills when I was with my parents?

Because my father (who had earned numerous post-grad academic degrees and accolades) said something that made me smile AND cry:

He said, "Son, I am so proud of you. Now you don't have to compete with me."

Bewildered, I asked, "What does that mean?"

He said, "Because I only got Magna Cum Laude for my first Bachelor's..."

Thanks for the memories.

Namaste, JaiChai

These look great, especially those with flowers. Colors are so vibrant!

Love the different settings you put together - just perfect for a graduation photo shot! While all the captures are gorgeous (and the grad has an awesome, classic pinup model vibe), there's something about the very last shot that I especially love. Excellent work, @jealousyjane!

Such great photos. Very great job done @jealousyjane. She looks so happy! :)