Who knows what type of bug be this bug?steemCreated with Sketch.

in photography •  12 days ago 


Who knows what type of bug be this bug?

I got a question that is buggin me. Here in Hoi An Vietnam, we had a big rainstorm the other day.. well, it's still raining. Lol.

On my way out this morning, this amazing bug was on our doorstep. It has no head, just like a mass of eyes I think. It reminded me of a peacock of some sort, perhaps it's an inter-dimensional peacock, tossed threw a hole in the space-time fabric during the violent storm... or like a bug that did not form right, or like a new species of insect!

Anyways, I call him Walter. He seemed to be aware of me, so I think he can see.. or sense me... Do you know what Walters's offical name is? o.O Curious minds wish to know.




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  ·  12 days ago (edited)

Walter is not a Alien he is a Chinese Lantern bug the unicorn of all insects a amazing looking bug i would say i love it's form and colors i found this one on my friends farm in Thailand first time i had seen one and exactly what i said also wtf 🤣


Lol. Nice!!! Chinese Lantern bug. Mystery solved.

Love the colors on the pict you posted to. Bet the one I found was young, so no colors yet.

Nature, never seases to amaze me.

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My pleasure yep amazing nature 👍

  ·  12 days ago (edited)

I think it is a Super Curious bug... or maybe a Liar bug -- judging by the length of its nose!

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Hey, thanks for the responce!!
Going to search for those names when I get home and see if it is correct. :-) also I stopped by your page you have some nice photos. Started to follow you!

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hehe :)
well, obviously I was joking!
your pic is pretty amazing, and @hangin already give you an expert answer about this creature
glad you like my efforts, as well. you could find a lot of mushrooms in my blog, as well (especially on fridays!)
see you.

Hey... You never know right? Prehaps or was called this. Lol.

Sweet. I will stop by on Fridays! :)

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