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So hard. This is as hard as posting about nothing.

The thing about something is, that it's not always better to say at least something than say nothing. Same thing goes with doing stuff. In certain cases, if you don't know what to do and you're thinking that it might be better to do something than do nothing, you better think again.

You don't agree with me?

Well here's couple of examples.

Someone sitting next to you in a buss is having a bit of a mental breakdown and suddenly confesses to you that they are literally seeing tiny octopuses running in the streets and shouting "Jello shots! Jello shots! Who want's jello shots?", and you just don't know what to say to that person, but you're thinking that you better say something fast because it's better to say something than to stay silent and say nothing, so you think it might be good to just go along with the fiction that person has going on in their brain and you stand up and shout from the top of your lungs: "Happy hour! Let's go all! A Huak bar!"

Because that's the only thing you could think of.

Better think again.

Another example.

You are underwater in a submarine and suddenly the submarine gets a hit. Something makes a tiny, but crucial hole to the submarines body and slowly but surely the submarine starts to fill with water. At the same time also a terrible virus hits the crew and everyone else but you paralyzes instantly from the neck down. So you are the only person who can do something. The captain of the ship shouts to you but you are so messed up that you can't understand what they are saying and you just think that you have to do something. So you get an axe and start hitting the pipes, wires and every part you can see with it thinking that this is better than doing nothing.

Think again.

So is something better than nothing?

I rest my case.


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You been eating mushrooms again? 🤪🍄

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Mushroom mentioned! Just to balance things I will also mention badger. Just a couple of times. Maybe a snake too.


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How dare you write about something that isn't exactly what I wanted???!!
I deserve better! This is the internet where I'm entitled to demand stuff I like.

you can't win. It's a thankless job. I know ;)

Still. Pretty flowers again

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Always glad to help! :)