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Hello friends!

Today I want to tell you about shooting with my main photo model - Natasha, who was on the new embankment of the city. Strangely enough, but once we already conducted a joint shooting in this place, though it was for the competition and therefore sustained in a certain style. And the embankment inspired me so much that I wanted to implement my own idea on it.


So I began active training. The main element that I most wanted to use were pants without side seams. Alas, but in my provincial town there was no such trendy thing)) Therefore, I ran around all the shops until I found suitable pants for subsequent modifications. I liked the two trousers, blue and gray. The blue ones were brilliant and beautiful, I felt sorry for cutting them, and I left them as they were. Gray, I neatly ripped along the seam, twisted and stitched, as I originally wanted.


Since I was not ready for the blue pants, we picked a simple looks for an easy walking option. But for gray I had one interesting cardigan, which I hadn’t used before. Despite the preparation, the shooting was a bit spontaneous, but I still like the result very much :)


The embankment in my city is part of the “upland park”, with which is connected by large staircases and walking terraces. Now it is a very popular place, since in the city, in principle, there are few nice places for walking. But we were lucky, it was a very warm autumn day and there were not many people, so we were able to acting everywhere we wanted and no one interfered with us.


At first we walked along the upper part of the park, from where a view of the city from one side and the river with a bridge, from the other side, opens. In this part there are not so many interesting locations, so we just chose the autumn theme and were shot mostly near the trees. Then we went downstairs and started working on the main material.


Below, by the river, there are much more locations, here there are small amphitheaters with benches, a pavement with the best view of the river and even descents to the towards the water. You can go down only in autumn, when water becomes less. There appear large stones that stretch the entire length of the embankment. Until that day, I had not seen them and was pleasantly surprised, because I love the mountains so much and any stones larger than usual, I associate with nature. Therefore, we spent most of the shooting here.


Interestingly, the embankment is now associated by the population with simple average photo shoots. Clients who turn to me know that I work in an unusual style for the city and my photos are here and so “not like everyone else.” But at the same time, although they want to be filmed on the embankment, they say that everything is being filmed there, but they need something unusual. After they see this shooting, they take their words back. With the onset of summer, I more and more often came across such words and therefore offered this place for shooting with girls from the school of models in order to get more pictures in the portfolio and demonstrate the full potential of this place, in the hope that people will understand that you can do anything unusual everywhere, the main thing is to find someone who can do it :)


Thank you for attention!



What strike me the most in your photographs is the way you balanced the landscape with the model. The colour pallets are so similar and create a very pleasing result:) If you like you can start using the #creativecoin tag to your posts. You will receive along with Steem CCC which is the token for artists photographers and creative people. It will be really nice if you join the community in this way, you will bring a lot of value with your talent:)

Thank you for the interesting feedback! Before, I didn't think about the balance, I did it unconsciously :) And thanks for the hashtag, I really didn't know about it, it would be good for my works)


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