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I was asked to take a photo for a book cover with the theme Mellow and sexy. I think this is a great opportunity to take self portraits of me in a light mood. If you have seen my previous photographs, most of them just look depressing and in a dark mood. This time, it's different that it feels weird for me seeing myself in this mood. :p


I love seeing myself in different looks/personalities both in paintings and photographs. It's kinda like being an actor as well, you take different roles in each shoot. But in doing self portraits, you are in control of everything. The lighting, the concept, the mood... you are both the actor and the director which I like the most cos I hate being controlled.


It only took me probably 20 minutes to do this entire thing because I was uncomfortable. I was not feeling very well. You can probably see that in the face. It also took me hours to post-process, finding the perfect color for these. Like I said I got used to the dark mood so I was having a hard time figuring out the best temperature for these.



The poses are also identical as I realized the clothing was too sexy for the mood.
Overall, I'm still happy how this turned out. Too much darkness and shadows in my previous photographs, so here's the light version of hiddenblade.

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well hello there sexy lady!
loving your facial expression!
your bf must be a lucky man to have you! ;) <3

Thank you! Mmmwell yeah he said he is XD

He has got to! ;) he wouldn't be able to get a hottie like you in a million years! :D

So pretty! So very pretty and sexy! WOW hiddi!!! * ___ * !!!! It's great to see you in such different mood!!!!

I know you wrote that it was uncomfortable but I think you should do more :D The only way to defeat our inner discomforts and fears is to challenge them! :D :D :D

I was uncomfortable only because I was having tooth pains that I got from visiting the dentist xD But yeah will do more in the future :P But just weird seeing myself in such lightness lol

Meow too sexy indeed 🐱


Girl you a babe

And so are you! Thank you <3


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I never thought Hard Fork (new Steem) could be so heavenly loaded.......🙃..super awesome...👍

lol thank you!

Very pretty.

And yeah...the clothes are pretty...sexy...

Thanks! XD

You look super sweet and I think you nailed the tones, they are very pleasing to the eye. Did you feel like ”faking it” with these lighter photos and sweeter mood? That is how I feel when I try to do something like that instead of the usual more moody stuff, it just feels way more natural to be in the dark 😅

Not really faking it as I am also in the lighter part of my life lol. But probably just trying my best for my toothache not to show LOL it's just physical pain that I'm experiencing here but there's no emotional pain. Or let's say I'm not feeling down in these photos, just probably annoyed xD. Yeah I can relate to the 'being in the dark is more natural' lol.

Daamn, you are so beautiful and cute. Very well captured shots right here!

Thank you! Glad you see them as very-well shots as these are the best that I can find among the not-so-focused shots lol

Looking good in white.