PARAGLIDING to a 300 meter waterfall - one of my coolest experiences of 2017!

"Run as fast as you can!" the pilot screams, and I'm running at full speed down a steep hill leading straight to a 800 meters high mountain edge. The paragliding sail lifts behind me and suddenly we sail out over the edge. Such an amazing feeling!

I want to share my pictures from one of the coolest experiences this year - the first time I tried paragliding. It's in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, in this valley between high alpine peaks and waterfalls.

We went for a cabin and then walked up to the starting point. The rock is a popular place for base jumps. I was told that several people die here every year. Now my nervousness and adrenaline began to rise.

Me and my pilot Fabian just before the sprint.

Flying out over the mountain edge. Just a few seconds later I got to fly by my own because Fabian was fixing the GoPro...

The view was amazing! And after a while I could relax and enjoy it. We flew near this mountain to follow the warmer winds upwards together with the birds. It was almost surreal. I became so happy when I was told that we could try some trix and we did some sharp turns and dives to get some g-forces.

Then we flew to Staubbachfall, one of Europe's highest waterfalls with a free fall of almost 300 meters.

Have any of you tried paragliding? What adventures are you looking forward to next year?

I really liked paragliding and hope to do it more in the future :)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and I'm so happy for every like, resteem and comment.

Happy New Year!

// Moa <3


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Oh thank you! :)

Wow! first of all great photos. They capture the mountains really well and give them a grand feeling.

Seems like you really enjoyed your paragliding flight. I have yet to paraglide, although I have skydived quite a bit and you get the fly the parachute a bit, but it must be much different to paraglide.

How long was your flight and do you think you will ever do it again?

Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much! :D Oh skydiving seems so fun, I want to try it! How was it?
The flight was about 20 minutes in the air and I'm sure I will do it again! :)

Aaahaha yeah! Wow y’all hiked all the way with that gear?? You earned your dinner!

I was lucky and the pilot carried everything hehe ;)


Wow! Just wish am there

I can really recommend it! :)

How cool! What's in store for 2018?

I have not planned so much yet but going to India in a couple of weeks :) Do you have any adventures for 2018?

My adventure is continuous for 2018, I moved from the USA to Russia and trying to build a life here. Its an adventure everyday for me, Soon I hope to travel more but for now I feel like I am traveling everyday. India sounds exciting. I will follow you!

Wow what an adventure! Hope you will thrive in your new home. Thank you!! Will follow you to :)

That looks like so much fun. The only problem I have is that I am afraid of heights. I wish I could do it. Happy new year in advance

Then it's absolutely an extra challenge! Maybe one day ;) When I finally was in the air and flying it felt much more stable than I thought. Thank you so much, happy new year and may we have a wonderful 2018 at Steemit! :D

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Thank you! Love this contest :D

I think (or hope ;P) it was pretty safe, but it felt dangerous - at least in the beginning. After a while it was just fun :D

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