GLOWGA - the magic combination of yoga and UV-lights

Glow in the dark

Yesterday I did glowga for the first time. Glow-in-the-dark yoga was such a fun experience! A friend of mine who is a yoga teacher hosted the glowga. We painted ourselves and our t-shirts in UV-colours and had this amazing "altar" with lights. At this time of the year it's so dark here in Sweden, so I really was in need of some extra glow ;)

Have you ever tried glowga?


Wow, I love that you try so many kind of fun yoga variations. Nice and inspiring.

I'm so glad to hear! Love to try new variations :D

Glowsticks, yoga and beauty.. Whats not to like about this? ;-)

Haha thank you ;)

Absolutely beautiful 0_0!

Lady on the left has really a big triceps?

She is so strong! Doing a lot of crossfit. She is a good friend of mine, love her arms! :)

The lightning yoga. Nice click. thanks for sharing.

Hi, Moa
Wow, I’m very happy to see and know that
you did this glowga already.
I didn't know or see like this before.
Thank you very much for sharing this amazing experience
to Steemit and me.
I wish one day I'll do glowga like you also.😍
Right now, I put my efforts on it.
🙏 ⭐️ 💕 🇹🇭

Yes it was sooo fun! I hope to do it more times and hope you get the chance to try it! :D <3

Great shot! I had never hear of glowga, but it's definitely a catchy name.

Thanks! Haha yes it sure is, want to glowga everyday (or at least say glowga everyday) :)

Yes it was, want to do this more times :)

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